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Women how to protect pelvic cavity these moves must remember

The pelvic cavity is like a woman's' cornucopia ', which contains a woman's unique secret weapon, but even if we know its importance, if we don't pay attention, it will be wronged, such as pelvic inflammation. So how should women protect the pelvic cavity? How should women prevent pelvic inflammatory disease? Next, let's introduce it.

How should women protect pelvic inflammatory disease?

1. Gynecological examination

Try to avoid unnecessary gynecological examination, so as not to expand the infection, causing the spread of inflammation. Gynecological examination should be done to the regular hospital.

2. Avoid repeated abortions

To avoid repeated abortion, contraceptive measures should be taken. Repeated abortion is also the cause of many young women suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease. Nowadays, most of the induced abortion is painless, which alleviates the pain of induced abortion. However, some women mistakenly think that induced abortion is no big deal. If they don't pay attention to contraceptive measures in their sexual life, they are easy to get caught.

3. Pay attention to diet

Hot weather, many women in the diet is not taboo, often like to eat some cold food to relieve the heat, which may also make women pelvic congestion is not smooth and induce pelvic inflammatory disease, especially during menstruation, should be taboo cold food.

4. Improve your resistance

In the female vagina itself will have pathogenic bacteria, when you are strong, these bacteria will not come out to make trouble, once the resistance drops, pathogenic bacteria will take the opportunity to enter, causing pelvic inflammatory disease. So, ladies and sisters, we should pay attention to strengthen our physique and improve our resistance. The most important thing to strengthen the physique is to have a regular diet, exercise properly and keep a good attitude.

5. Pay attention to the combination of work and rest

Sedentary can also lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, many office women often sit in the office to deal with documents, and maintain a long sitting posture, because of lack of activity, pelvic venous backflow obstruction, congestion, leading to the occurrence of pelvic inflammation, thus, pelvic inflammatory disease has become a common gynecological disease of many office sedentary women. It is suggested that female friends who often sit in the office can get up and take a walk after sitting for a long time, and take part in some sports activities after work, such as yoga.

6. Sex should be measured

Pay attention to the cleaning before and after sex: improper sex is also an important cause of pelvic inflammatory disease. If sexual love is too frequent, local cleaning is ignored before sexual intercourse, and urination or cleaning is not timely after repeated sexual intercourse, even during menstrual sex, these bad habits will lead to bacteria brought into the vagina from the outside, destroy the balance of normal flora in the vagina, cause rapid growth and reproduction of bacteria, and cause bacteria to infect the pelvis and cause pelvic inflammatory disease. So, ladies and sisters, while enjoying sex, remember to protect your cornucopia.

How can women prevent pelvic inflammatory disease?

1. Prevention of pelvic infection

Menstrual endometrial exfoliation bleeding, cervical opening. If you do not pay attention to health, can lead to bacterial upward infection, causing pelvic inflammatory disease. Therefore, to avoid menstrual sex, swimming, bath, do not use dirty sanitary pad, to prevent infection of pelvic inflammatory disease.

2. Timely treatment of external vaginitis

Vulvovaginitis is a common gynecological disease. If you have vulvovaginal pruritus, increased leucorrhea, yellow color, bean dregs, or water samples, odor and other changes, it may be suffering from vulvovaginitis, you must go to the regular hospital for treatment in time. Don't avoid medicine, take medicine by yourself, and don't listen to the small advertisement to throw quack medicine indiscriminately; delay the diagnosis and treatment, make the infection spread upward, lead to pelvic inflammatory disease.

3. Keep away from sexually transmitted diseases

Pelvic inflammatory disease mostly occurs in women with active sexual life, especially in those who are younger at the age of first sexual intercourse, have multiple sexual partners, have frequent sexual life and have sexually transmitted diseases. This is related to the outward migration of cervical columnar epithelium, weakened defense mechanism, and sexual partners are easy to be infected through sexual intercourse when they have sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, we should pay attention to the health of sexual life, wash the vulva with water before and after sexual life; if suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, before cure, prohibit sexual life, away from the infection of sexually transmitted diseases pathogens.

4. Cure acute pelvic inflammatory disease thoroughly

Acute pelvic inflammatory disease is not completely cured, can turn to chronic, repeated attacks. Therefore, the acute pelvic inflammatory disease should be treated actively and thoroughly, lying in bed or taking a semi reclining position, in order to facilitate the limitation of inflammation and discharge of secretions; according to the doctor's advice, antibiotics should be used in sufficient amount and treatment course, and combined with traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Patients with acute pelvic inflammatory disease should not be too tired, do work and rest, control sex, in order to avoid aggravation of symptoms. Treatment should not be based on temporary remission of symptoms as the standard of cure, only after the doctor's examination to determine the cure can the drug be stopped. Prevent the recurrence of the disease and disturb your life.

5. Prevention before and after operation

During childbirth, artificial abortion, upper ring removal and other reproductive tract operations, pathogens can invade pelvic connective tissue and other parts of internal genitalia through vulva, vagina, cervix and uterine body trauma, resulting in acute pelvic inflammatory disease. Therefore, three days before surgery to avoid sexual intercourse, pay attention to keep the vulva clean. After the operation, there are more vaginal bleeding, so sex life should be forbidden, swimming and bath should be avoided until the vaginal bleeding stops and the body recovers. It is best to have a normal menstruation and clean before starting a normal sex life, and follow the doctor's advice for preventive use of antibiotics. This can help you stay away from pelvic inflammatory disease caused by gynecological surgery.