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What does long hair on woman mole represent? Can long hair on mole pull out

Some people not only have a lot of moles on their bodies, but also have hair on them. So what does the long hair on the mole represent? Can the long hair on the mole be pulled out? Let's introduce it!

There are also many theories about what ancient moles are represented by long hair on moles. It can be roughly divided into three areas: "head and face moles", "upper and lower body moles" and "hand and foot moles". Each area has a set of complicated theories about good and bad parts. Moles can grow in all parts of the body, mostly black, strange is: some people moles on the long hair, and some people moles on the hair is not obvious.

1. The growth of hair on nevus from the perspective of nevography

The mole that can grow hair is so-called live mole commonly, namely auspicious mole. Moles with long hair belong to those of wealth and fortune. This kind of person's life is more smooth, and easy to get the help of noble people. Moles on the long hair, just like the mountains of vegetation - like, this is the so-called wonderful moles. People with such moles are rich and educated.

2. From the aesthetic point of view, the mole on the long hair

Moles in the long hair can be pulled out, indicating that this is a benign mole, if there are spider like changes around, or there are rags, or there is a short period of rapid growth, then you have to pay attention to it. It's best not to do hair removal operation at will, because it will stimulate it, and the hair on the mole will grow and be cut off.

Can the long hair on the mole be removed? Generally, the long hair on the mole can't be removed, because the long hair on the mole is called a mole, which is a symbol of good fortune. If you don't believe this, you can remove the mole.

How does mole grow hair to do What's the matter with the hair on the nevus? Nevus on the temple: the part of the temple is called 'migration Palace', also known as' post horse Palace ', which can show a person's travel, travel, promotion, immigration and other information. If there is a bad nevus on this part, it means that it will be very difficult to travel or do business outside. If there is a good nevus, it means that you have the good omen of travel benefits or distant profits.

Mole between two brows: the two brows, also known as "career Palace" in physiognomy, symbolize a person's career development and job promotion. The color of this part can tell a person's good fortune or bad fortune in his life. If there is a good mole in this part, it means that you will have a huge career in the future. If it is a gray mole, serious marital or emotional problems are likely to occur around the age of 28.

Mole on the tail of eyebrow: the latter part of eyebrow is called 'Caixia' in physiognomy, which symbolizes one's reason and ability. If there is a good mole on the tail of eyebrow, it can be said that you are 'happy on the tip of eyebrow', which means that you have a good interpersonal relationship and have a good way of doing business. If it is a dark evil mole, it means that one of your close brothers and sisters or cousins will suffer misfortune, or you will be easily hurt Injured or trapped by extramarital affairs, these phenomena should be paid special attention to when you are 33 or 34 years old.

Moles on the chin: moles near the chin are mainly land base and house servants. If there are good moles here, it means that you have to buy real estate such as Huawu estate. On the other hand, you will also be a person who pays great attention to the taste of life.