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How should breasts be protected? These sitting positions hurt breasts most

A lot of girls sitting in the office because these kinds of sitting posture lead to their breasts drooping, etc., the following small make-up will introduce to you, these kinds of sitting posture must not have~


The hunchback will compress the chest tissue, for a long time, it will affect the health of the chest. So, keep your head up.


And then tension to the lumbar spine, often increase the burden of blood circulation, and thus affect the thoracolumbar. So women should always straight waist, tired to stand against the wall for a few minutes, will let your chest comfortable.

Button shoulder

Buckle shoulder is back stand up, two shoulders forward, buckle shoulder will lead to chest is not straight, loose droop.

Hold your arms

Many women often put their arms around the chest, this position will increase the burden on the chest. Should be relaxed to the arms naturally hanging on both sides of the leg, often stretch, help to improve the shape of the chest.


If women neglect the health care of their breasts when they are lying at their desks, many people will have symptoms such as stuffy and irritating breasts, acerbic muscle tissue of chest and back, and other indescribable axillary discomfort. These symptoms are increasing day by day, which do great harm to the health of women's breasts. Therefore, they must be prevented in time.

Squeeze the chest

Some women who work at their desks may be more serious because their breasts are often squeezed by the edge of the table. Because leaning against or lying on the table, the breast is on the fulcrum of extrusion. Some studies believe that if the breast is squeezed by the hard table edge for nearly an hour and a half, it can interfere with the normal metabolism inside the breast, and it will naturally cause adverse consequences after a long time.

Sleep on your stomach

Should be less prone to sleep, had better take supine slightly to the right posture, otherwise it will be serious compression of the chest, so that the breast droop, depression.