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How to match a dress with shoes in spring

how to match a dress in spring? In fact, it's a fashion to match shoes. If you don't know how to match, the following four groups of perfect matching demonstrations are your standard answers!

① Simple black and white

The hollowed out waist design and shoulder cut make this all black dress full of modern feeling. Metal accessories such as silver necklaces, waist rings and silver bags also set off the cool taste of the black skirt. A pair of canvas shoes on the feet has become a very special finishing touch, which successfully embellishes the chic casual side of the whole! Collocation demonstration

Small white shoes are popular because they can be used with any style or any color. However, when small white shoes meet small white clothes and small white skirts, they become another cool all white look.

Collocation demonstration

The overlapping of black and white gives a simple sense of hierarchy. In addition to the red collar and green bag, the fluorescent powder + gray color matching shoes on the feet also bring a touch of vitality and brightness to the black and white.

Collocation demonstration

② Bright solid

Orange red with a little yellow tone is a bright color, and the collision with navy blue also makes the shape simple and rich. The black-and-white thousand bird pattern pedal on the foot not only balances the gorgeous feeling of large area color patches, but also perfectly echoes with the loose and comfortable oversize profile.

Collocation demonstration

The fresh and charming semi perspective lace dress is like a touch of bright morning light in early spring. Yubo Chiara chooses a small white shoe instead of other styles of high heels to match, which not only continues the fresh feeling of goose yellow skirt, but also plays a more age reducing effect than pointed high heels or sandals. Good choice!

Collocation demonstration

The deep and majestic jujube red is integrated with the gold thread of bling bling. With the lines of rib and pleat, this dress is full of gorgeous retro feeling. The all white high top canvas shoes on the feet are similar to the look above, which makes the shape younger and chic.

Collocation demonstration

③ Colorful printing

Chiffon and broken flowers are essential elements in spring and summer. A retro dress with long sleeves and lotus leaf elements is also a popular item at present. If you are afraid that the broken flowers are easy to show rustic and low, you might as well match a pair of silver grey shoes like this, which improves the tone of the shape at once. Even if you are wrong, you can use the shoes to prove it. What I play is mix and match!

Collocation demonstration

Of course, if your goal is to become a clothing expert like Yubo Chiara, you can also challenge the pattern of printing + printing like her! The upper body is covered with extremely rich details and colors from the skirt to the handbag, and you also choose a pair of shoes with bold color matching to collide with each other on your feet, but you should pay attention to that although each piece is very fancy, the colors are mutual Yes, this is also the key to make the modeling look colorful but not messy!