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Thin leg the most effective way to quickly with small thick leg bye

We all know that summer where will not show, the calf will also show, how can we make the calf show more beautiful? Let's take a look at these methods, let you say goodbye to the small thick leg~

The method of thin leg

15 minutes a day, a week easy thin circle! Quickly practice it~

1. Horse step squat

Two legs apart, 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock direction slowly squat, hold, until can't insist, slowly restore the original standing position.

2. Squat on tiptoe

Kneeling together, squatting on tiptoe (slightly difficult, no, please lean against the wall)

The method of thin leg

3. Heavy squat

Take a heavy object (about 3 jin of Cihai Shenma) and squat in a horse step. Raise your hands as flat as possible. This action can also thin your arms. Then slowly put it down and restore your standing position.

4. Deep squat

There is no ball to hold towel, the clothes are kneaded into a ball instead, the thighs are clamped, and then squat

Legs are thin, how can we tolerate the lump on the stomach? Office workers and students often sit, so it's easy to store fat on the stomach. It's not difficult to lose it!

No matter the thin man says that he is fat or thin, it is harmful to the fat man!

1、 Diet

First, I'd like to introduce you to some tea and drinks that you can lose weight by drinking.

1. Lemon Honey Black tea water, drink after getting up can not only play the role of refreshing, citric acid and honey can also remove gastrointestinal toxins, black tea, make people feel refreshed all day.

The method of thin leg

2. Lotus leaf tea can reduce blood fat, clean the stomach, detoxify and nourish the face, nourish the liver and moisten the lung. It's best to drink 3-4 cups a day before meals.

2、 Massage

1. Hand massage: sitting position, with the left hand akimbo (thumb in front, four fingers behind), right hand from the stomach to start rubbing left and down, through the lower abdomen, right abdomen reduction in the stomach for a total of 36 times.

The method of thin leg

Then, with the right hand akimbo, left hand massage 36 times, the method is the same as above, the direction is opposite. Massage naturally relaxed, moderate weight, too full, too hungry, extremely tired or emotional instability are not suitable for massage.

2. Qi massage: abdominal breathing method is used to massage the abdomen with Qi. When inhaled, the lower abdomen slowly bulges (the diaphragm must rise with it), and when exhaled, the lower abdomen slowly retracts. Walking, standing, sitting and lying can be practiced anytime and anywhere.

Through the ups and downs of the abdomen, it can massage the internal organs, enhance the peristaltic function of the gastrointestinal tract, and avoid the occurrence of dyspepsia and constipation.

Do more abdominal abuse, it's hard to be thin. It's time to witness a miracle!