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Does Hawick Lau refuse to talk about Yang Mi's marriage?

the couple of Yang Mi and Hawick Lau are about to be divorced after a period of time. Recently, the reporter caught the news about their discord in Hawick Lau. Let's have a look at it. Netizens said: is it meaningless that the couple should be inseparable? They have admitted that they are very good and they also participate in the sports meeting of their daughter's school together. Hawick Lau appears at the airport alone

On April 15, Hawick Lau appeared at the airport alone in black. Hawick Lau put on a black mask and cap and went through the departure formalities in a low-key way. Hawick Lau said that he was going to the mainland for publicity work.

When asked whether his daughter 'xiaonuomi' would complain about him when she was often away from Hong Kong, he did not answer. As for whether his wife, Yang Mi, would go with him or not, he continued to say nothing and tried to avoid reporters. He nearly fell when he pushed away other passengers.

Recently, when he and his wife attended their daughter's school sports meeting, other parents revealed that they had no communication. As soon as he heard this rumor, he speeded up his pace and entered the departure gate without looking back. On the contrary, it aroused the curiosity of some tourists. The relationship and family of Hawick Lau and Yang Mi will always be the focus of the media. Recently, Hawick Lau's new play "the heir" is about to be broadcast. At the launch conference, the reporters and the media are not polite to take the opportunity to ask about it!

In the face of media questions, Hawick Lau has slowed down the pace and will take the initiative to ask for leave from the company to take more time to take care of her daughter. But when it came to the question of having a second child, he hesitated and replied briefly: 'look at fate. '

Uncle Liu's performance in answering questions has to arouse people's conjecture once again: the feelings between the two people have long been unconvinced! Otherwise, why did they often flash and interact naturally at the beginning, and now as long as Yang Mi is mentioned, Hawick Lau's performance is so stiff?

According to the full-name star detective, the lawyers of both sides confirmed that they had divorced. Some netizens said that they chose not to say it because they didn't want to affect the growth of their children!