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How to choose a life partner needs careful consideration

In the treatment of life events, both boys and girls may be very important. Need to make a careful choice ~ how to choose the right marriage partner? Here teach you to consider from several aspects.

Whether the two sides can accept each other's way of communication is the most important point. It is not whether there is a common language at ordinary times, but the communication with differences and problems. To put it bluntly, if a man is a reasonable person, a woman must also be a reasonable person; if a man likes to talk with his fist, a woman must also be a fist person; if a woman likes to nag, a man must be used to it. In a word, two people must have a procedure to come up with a consensus, which is acceptable to both sides. It's better to be willing to accept it. In fact, this is not a problem for people who really love each other. The two people who really love each other will always think from each other's standpoint. The unity of husband and wife's opinions is the cornerstone of family harmony.

Whether the pressure brought by the combination of the two people can be controlled, whether they have enough water, but only one full meal. A man who is not married is natural and unrestrained. Once he gets married, the burden comes. The pressure brought by the combination of two people must be huge. We must consider the bearing capacity of both sides. If we can't afford it, we should not harm others and ourselves. If a girlfriend likes money, she will marry if she has money. If she has no money, she will not marry home. Some of the burden, back is a lifetime. For marriage, women who are willing to fight with themselves should be cherished. Just the process of two people improving their lives together is already a valuable wealth of marriage. Not to mention that there are not many women like this now. If you are always staring at young women who want to change their fate by getting married, don't blame the reality of women. If you have never planned for the future, don't blame the woman for refusing to fight with you.

Why do we always advocate premarital sex? Men who are satisfied with their sex life are more likely to find other charms of women. The reality is that many good women are left, but men lose themselves in the process of chasing sex. Because of the color and combined, a problem to make do, after the woman's color decline, no ability of men continue to make do, have the ability to make do with a woman. This kind of fashion also has a very annoying influence. Women are more and more concerned about their own image. The makeup time is longer and longer, the collar is lower and lower, and the skirt is shorter and shorter. And charging time is less and less, independent consciousness is more and more weak. While chasing women, men complain that women's quality is getting lower and lower. What about women? While complaining about men's superficiality, they constantly cater to superficial aesthetics.

Whether the two sides are each other's help or not, marriage is not the whole of life. Two people work hand in hand for a lifetime. If they help each other, they will benefit; if they hinder each other, they will lose. It's really important for each other to help each other, whether they are complementary or like-minded. If you feel tired before you marry a woman, believe me, don't take it. Home is a harbor. It is a place where men will speed up their pace when they arrive at home. It's a place where you can relax and take off all your disguises as soon as you get home. It's a place where all smiles come from the heart. When you get married, you must marry a woman who makes you feel relaxed. Really?

Having said so much, there must be a brother who said that women with so many conditions are hard to find. In fact, it's really not difficult. First and third, as long as women love you, it's not a problem. Second, it's not a problem as long as you're looking for women of your own level.

A friend asked to distinguish between passion and love, in fact, it's very good to distinguish, when you don't see her, it's passion. Always want to see her, want to play with her, go to bed together, daydream together, is passion. Every day, there are many short messages and phone calls. It's passion. It's passion to think about romantic ideas for the birthday. When you are with her, the unconscious plan in your mind is the real future, which is love. When you quarrel very fiercely, fire is very big, also don't have the heart to say a hurt her words, is love. When you have differences, you can always clearly know what she thinks, understand her original intention, love.

Now many people fall in love and get married in a short time. Of course, it's not that short time is bad. But we should know clearly the influence of premarital investigation on our life. No success can make up for a failed family. Even if the family is rich, it is shameless to be a green hat. No matter how big the house is, it's hard to get married and separated. Once divorced, it is more difficult to find happiness. Because, divorced people are more difficult to believe in love. What's more, the impact of divorce on children is too great. People, who can really stay in this world, are just children. It is the father's responsibility to create a good environment for his children's growth.