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How does nose grow smallpox inflamed to do to teach you the correct method of detoxification

Recently, the symptoms of fire in spring are serious, not only the skin is short of water, but also the body needs to eliminate toxins. Acne long in the nose above how to remove, with a small make up to see how such a problem should be handled? How effective detoxification~

The cause of acne and swelling on the nose

Acne on the nose and red and swollen, mostly caused by fire, generally speaking, is to eat too much spicy, greasy, irritating food, resulting in excessive stomach fire, making the nose acne red and swollen.

In addition to inflamed, if the nose has a long acne, and then not timely and appropriate treatment, or hand pinching acne, resulting in worsening infection, will also make the nose acne red and swollen.

Rapid elimination of acne and swelling of nose

How does long blain on nose do again red swollen

The daily diet should pay attention to light nutrition, especially in summer; usually, if you eat the food that is easy to catch fire, you should immediately eat the food that is easy to catch fire, such as mung bean soup, watermelon, bamboo and so on; you can also use chrysanthemum tea instead of daily drinking water to reduce fire and detoxify the body.

Rapid elimination of acne and swelling of nose

A little recipe for reducing fire and expelling poison

1. Balsam pear 50g, lemon 30g, locust flower honey 10g.

2. Peel lemon and cut into small pieces; cut balsam pear in half, remove seeds and cut into small pieces.

3. Put balsam pear and lemon into the juicer, add honey and mix well.

Efficacy: from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, most bitter foods have the effect of clearing heat and removing fire, and among bitter foods, balsam pear has the strongest effect of clearing heat and removing fire. Honey lemon balsam pear water can effectively reduce fire and heat, and promote defecation and detoxification.

Nourishing and regulating acne

After the acne grows out, clean the skin in time, and then apply anti acne products or aloe gel to the parts with acne. Never touch or squeeze the acne with your hands. The bacteria on your fingers can easily cause infection and deterioration.

Rapid elimination of acne and swelling of nose

Calming and detumescence recipe

1, clean facial skin, and put on toner. After absorption, apply appropriate amount of emulsion to facial massage until absorption.

2. Avoid around the eyes, gently apply aloe vera gel with the thickness of about a coin from bottom to top, and massage the skin by the way. Pay attention to apply aloe vera gel on the neck skin.

3, the next morning, after getting up, wash the mask with the flowing water. After morning cleaning, follow up the normal skin care.

Efficacy: Aloe vera gel can effectively reduce inflammation, calm and eliminate acne. It will be better if used as a sleeping mask. According to personal needs and skin condition, choose the use frequency until the acne is completely eliminated.

Rapid elimination of acne and swelling of nose

Daily prevention of acne on nose

1. Do daily cleaning, keep personal belongings and living environment clean and tidy, and clean frequently.

2. Do a good job in basic skin care, maintain the water and oil balance and stability of skin.

3. Usually less hands touch the skin, long acne, do not scratch hands, to avoid the deterioration of infection.

4. Diet should pay attention to light nutrition, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, drink more water.

5. Daily work and rest should be regular, avoid staying up late, work should pay attention to the combination of work and rest, timely decompression, avoid excessive pressure.