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Women turn their faces faster than books. Do you know how to coax them

Men often say that a woman is too headstrong, and describe her face changing faster than turning a book. But you will find that the closer a woman is to a man, the more emotional she is. When a woman changes face faster than turning a book, what should I do? Let me give you some advice!

Why do women change their faces faster than turning books? In fact, not all women are fickle, just more than men. The reason may be that the emotional area of the brain structure in female physiological structure is more developed than that in male, so women are more sensitive to emotion and more emotional than men; while the rational area of the brain in male is more developed than that in female, which makes men prefer to use action to explain intention, while women prefer to express themselves in language or emotional way. Therefore, women are perceptual, delicate and sensitive, easily controlled by emotions. What's more, they are better at developing their thoughts all the time and expressing them directly through language.

Generally, women's fickleness is a lack of self-determination, which also makes them need to rely on psychologically. Isn't that what men want? However, if women's fickleness is extremely stubborn or even extreme, it belongs to the character of willfulness and paranoia. A typical type of woman is a lady with a big temper. In today's society, there are many independent women who are more rational than men. They will never order slowly, ask you how to arrange today, or rely on you, or even have stronger professional ability than you. Will you like such women who are not fickle? Therefore, fickle women are lovely, and men should not doubt or worry. How to deal with women whose face changes faster than turning a book? Here are some tips for you!

Why do women change their faces faster than turning a Book

There's nothing wrong with a proper "hen pecked" family. A "hen pecked" family can last a long time. At the same time, such men often understand that their wives bear a lot of hardships and tiredness, so they are willing to be "henpecked". Most of the time, they refuse some non important parties, but come home from work to help their wives cook, cook, wash dishes and other housework. Not only that, such men tend not to haggle.

Be honest with her

When men socialize outside, sometimes they always like to hide the truth and tell lies to deal with their wives. In fact, as long as it doesn't involve work, there's no need to make up such pretexts as' being in a meeting 'or' working overtime 'to trick his wife. Because, say a lie often need to use ten words to cover up, but also inevitable mistakes, how tired ah.

Learn to make romance

At the weekend, take her out for a walk, or watch a movie, or have a romantic candlelight dinner, to continue the sweet time of love.

Don't blame your wife's nagging

Generally speaking, women are more talkative and nagging only in front of men they like. Maybe the man had a problem with his work that day, or just had a conflict with his colleagues, but at this time, his wife was like a tireless bird, chirping in front of you, making you more irritable. But you can't blame her more. You just need to say to her: honey, I'm tired. Let me have a rest alone.

The anniversary must be remembered

Wife's birthday, all kinds of festivals, anniversaries, you don't celebrate well, but remember to give her a gift; you don't give a gift, but ask her to spend dinner with you; you don't invite her to dinner, but remember to bring a bunch of flowers to her; you don't think it's wasteful to send flowers, then buy her some snacks she likes; You don't need to buy snacks, but remember to call her and send her a meaningful message. You forget to send text messages, then wait for her to complain about you.

Be careful with your wife

In those days of her physiological cycle, a man must be careful, pay attention to his wife's diet, and properly make some blood tonic food for her. She will feel very happy.

Praise more

Praise your wife in front of you. Be considerate of your wife's hard work and don't easily veto her efforts. To know that a woman chooses to be with you is the biggest bet in her life.