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Single eyelid girl for what hairstyle, look at high gold and silver to know

Still dislike your small eyes? Or single eyelid? Feel what to wear with what hairstyle are ugly? No, no, no ~ look at this Korean girl, you know, in fact, single eyelid with what hairstyle are good-looking~

Chi enlao, the heroine played by Jin Gaoyin in the play, is a high school girl. Although in reality she is already an old woman and a 43 year old oba (male basin friend), it's not too much to say that she is a high school student with good collagen skin and natural black hair.

This off shoulder hairstyle is full of girlishness~

Shawl hairstyle is also very feminine ~ Jin Gaoyin's instant noodles hairstyle was certified by everyone in her last Korean drama "cheese trap". She was once on fire with teddy bangs ~ she was very cute with instant noodles hairstyle~

It's long, curly and feminine~

Curly long hair ~ natural straight hair and neighbor temperament ~ shoulder length short hair is also appropriate hold ~ this girl with single eyelid really looks good with any hairstyle~