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Why do you have little white hair? In fact, white hair is a reflection of your physical condition

Often see some children are not old, but grow white hair on the head, less white head is what kind of situation, why there are many people less white head, take a look at the following article to help you solve the problem~

According to people's general physiology, long white hair is generally what happens to the elderly. However, with the acceleration of the pace of modern life, many middle-aged people and even young people have grown white hair. Some people are gray, but some people's whole hair is white, giving people a special feeling of aging. So what's the reason for long white hair? In fact, the reasons for different positions of white hair are also different. What is the reason for white hair? First, white hair is long, where the kidney qi is insufficient. The growth of hair comes from Qi and blood. Qi and blood are strong, and hair grows normally; Qi and blood are weak, and hair turns white, withered, or even falls off. However, the growth position of white hair also marks the healthy state of internal organs to a certain extent. What is the reason for white hair? 2. White hair on the forehead. If white hair grows in front of the forehead, it is mostly due to spleen and stomach disorders. "Huangdi Neijing" points out that "women's Wuqi, Yang Ming pulse decline, face began to burn, hair began to fall.". The forehead belongs to Yangming, and Yangming is mainly related to the spleen and stomach. Yangming declines and turns white. In fact, there is something wrong with the spleen and stomach. Yangming is the master of Qi and blood. When conditioning, pay attention not to stay up late, so as not to hurt Qi and blood. Young people are full of Qi and blood. They can recover quickly after staying up late. But when they are in their 30s and 40s, it is difficult to recover after staying up late. They can't sleep for several hours in the daytime as early as one hour at night. Going to bed before 11 o'clock at night can help to store essence and blood, and keep energetic. What is the reason for white hair? Third, white hair at temples, white hair at temples or insufficient liver and gallbladder. The temples, the part beside the ear, are mainly related to the gallbladder. Because the liver and gallbladder are exterior and interior to each other, they are also related to the liver. Liver is the main reservoir of blood, so long white hair on temples is mainly due to lack of blood. At the same time, we should pay attention to Invigorating Qi, such as eating jujube, invigorating spleen and Invigorating Qi, or drinking millet porridge, because Qi can generate blood, circulate blood, and transform blood. Once Qi is replenished, blood will rise. What is the reason for white hair? 4. White hair on the top of the head and back of the brain. White hair on the top of the head and back of the brain is mostly caused by deficiency of kidney qi. The top of the head is the place where the governor vessel and Ren vessel pass through. Ren and Du vessels are most closely related to the kidney. Head long white hair, mostly due to lack of kidney qi. The part of the back of the head is near the Ren meridian, which is naturally related to the kidney. People with white hair on the top and back of the head should not only replenish qi and blood, but also pay attention to tonifying the kidney. They can usually eat more wolfberry and black sesame.