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Double eyelid surgery recovery time teaches you these methods to let you quickly detumescence

After double eyelid surgery, the eyes will certainly be red and swollen. How can you reduce the swelling as soon as possible? Xiaobian has collected some methods for you to reduce the swelling quickly, so that your double eyelids can recover faster~

Catgut double eyelid how to detumescence fast: cold compress with ice bag or towel ice pack 3-5 minutes, can contract blood vessels to help eye detumescence. It is suitable to be performed after double eyelid catgut embedding, especially cold compress 3 hours after operation, which can effectively prevent postoperative edema and relieve pain.

Cold compress detumescence method specific method is to use a clean towel soaked in ice water, apply on the eyes for about 10 minutes, this can quickly for embedding double eyelids detumescence, because the tannic acid contained in tea is a good astringent, ice towel can make the eyes around the capillary contraction, gently apply in the swelling after embedding double eyelids can quickly detumescence . Catgut embedding double eyelid how to detumescence fast: hot compress can promote blood circulation, promote blood circulation, help postoperative detumescence, but just finished the operation to cold compress, generally 2-3 days later can be used hot compress detumescence. However, it is worth noting that no matter cold compress or hot compress, do not let water wet the wound.

Hot compress detumescence method: soak the towel in the hot water basin, take it out and wring it dry. The water temperature should not be too high or wet the wound dressing. Apply it for about half an hour each time, and change it every 4-5 minutes. When changing it, beauty lovers can observe that the swelling of eyes is getting lighter and lighter. Three to four times a day can quickly eliminate the swelling phenomenon after embedding double eyelids. Embedding double eyelids how swelling fast: salt water method after embedding double eyelids wound completely healed, if there is swelling in the eye, then dip the diluted salt water with cotton swab, can play a role in relieving eye skin swelling. The principle of salt water detumescence is that salt water balances the osmotic pressure inside and outside the skin, which can remove residual blood and moisture from the eye skin, and has the effect of detumescence after embedding double eyelids.

Salt water detumescence method in 500 ml of 40 ℃ warm water, add 1 teaspoon of salt, stir evenly, soak the clean gauze in salt water, fold it into an appropriate size and apply it on the eyelid for 20 minutes, then the excess water and residual blood of the eye skin can be discharged, which plays a role of rapid detumescence.

Embedding double eyelids how to detumescence fast: folk folk folk prescription black tea bag detumescence. If beauty lovers find their eyes swollen after embedding double eyelids, then they can wrap the cooled black tea bag with a towel, apply it on the eyes for 5 minutes, and cold compress for 3 or 4 times, then they can use tannic acid in tea to help eyes detumescence. However, the direct application of black tea bag on the eyes may cause short-term staining to the eyelids, and stimulate the eyes to cause allergy, so it must be covered with gauze or other dressings and then applied on the eyes.

Potato chip detumescence cut raw potatoes into thin slices or mash, paste on the edema of eyelids can achieve the effect of rapid detumescence after embedding double eyelids, generally 15 minutes after eye application, wash with water to detumescence. The principle is the same as that of cold compress and hot compress. However, beauty lovers must pay attention to the cleaning of dressings when applying to eyes to ensure the hygiene of detumescence process. And don't always touch your eyes with your hands, because the bacteria on your hands will infect your eyes by touching. It's very important to avoid bringing bacteria to your eyes. Embedding double eyelids how to detumescence fast: drug therapy anti-inflammatory drugs detumescence most eye plastic surgery, postoperative do not take medicine can also be cured, but if the phenomenon of swelling after embedding double eyelids and eager to detumescence, then take 1-2 days or so of anti-inflammatory drugs is easier to help the eye department detumescence, the principle of anti-inflammatory drugs detumescence is that the ingredients in anti-inflammatory drugs can fight postoperative ophthalmitis It can reduce the swelling of the eyes. Antibiotic detumescence in order to prevent bacterial invasion, you can apply some antibiotic ointment on your eyes to prevent infection. In less than a month, your eyes will completely detumescence and return to normal. Before choosing antibiotics, we must follow the doctor's professional guidance and must not use drugs blindly.

Analgesics detumescence some analgesics can not only resist postoperative pain, but also promote postoperative detumescence. In the choice of detumescence analgesics, it is best to follow the professional guidance of doctors, do not buy their own casually, that kind of analgesics can not play the purpose of rapid detumescence for the eyes. How to reduce the swelling of double eyelids with Catgut Embedding: eye movement if the beauty lovers want to reduce the swelling quickly after catgut embedding, they must pay attention to strengthen the movement of eye muscles, so that eye movement can promote the blood circulation of eye muscles and surrounding tissues, reduce and gradually eliminate the postoperative swelling of eye plastic surgery, and let the eye congestion be absorbed as soon as possible. The specific method of eye movement is: open your eyes as soon as possible, and do more blinking. Some people have done embedding double eyelids will have swelling phenomenon, at this time in order to quickly detumescence, we need to do not drink, do not smoke, do not eat stimulating, spicy food, more can not eat seafood, this is because alcohol and tobacco and spicy food are stimulating for the eyes, not conducive to detumescence.

2. Before going to bed, the drainage mechanism of the human body is in a state of dormancy. Drink less water to avoid more severe swelling of the wound.

3. Stir fry less soy sauce, vinegar and other sauces, because the sauce contains more salt, sodium intake will cause the body's water vinegar, and then aggravate the swelling phenomenon after embedding double eyelids.

4. Eat some mung beans and wax gourd that can reduce swelling and dampness, or promote the body to discharge excess water. In addition, potatoes are rich in potassium. Supplement of potassium is also one of the ways to eliminate ions and help eyes to reduce swelling. Embedding double eyelid detumescence Tips 1. Refrigerate cucumbers, slice them and apply them on the eyelids for 10 minutes. The principle of using ice cucumber to detumescence is the same as cold compress. Cucumbers are rich in water. After refrigerated, apply them on the eyes naturally to quickly detumescence.

2. When sleeping, try to put the pillow up, raise the head, so that the eyes can naturally detumescence in sleep. This detumescence principle uses the principle that water will flow to the lower part.

Embedding double eyelid surgery in general three months can be completely good, a month can make-up, but pay attention to protection, in order to avoid eye allergy and other phenomena, beauty lovers need not to use heavy metal cosmetics. As long as we pay attention to the postoperative care, we can speed up the recovery of double eyelids.