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The second season of Ode to joy will be broadcast soon. Are you ready to welcome Wumei

Not only do you expect, but I'm also looking forward to the "Ode to joy 2" broadcast. I'm excited and nervous when I think about it. Let's move up the bench and wait with me~

Five beauties in one frame

On the evening of October 10, Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, Wang Ziwen, Yang Zi and Qiao Xin took a group photo in the microblog of Ode to joy, which wrote "we & lsquo; re back" and announced the return of the whole staff to the second film, attracting netizens to watch.

In the photo, five beauties gather, Yang Zi is pure and lovely, Jiang Xin is gorgeous, Wang Ziwen is funny, Qiao Xin still looks like a good girl after taking off her glasses, and Liu Tao's general attack temperament with bangs cut adds a touch of sweetness. In response, netizens have commented: "Meimei!" super looking forward to broadcast. I can't recognize it with or without glasses. "All of them are beautiful!"

As for the plot of the second season of Ode to joy, most netizens said that they were most concerned about the emotional trend of Wumei. In the first season, Andy broke up with singularity ruthlessly and "ran into" Bao Yifan when he was on holiday abroad, which foreshadowed the second season. It is reported that in the second season, Andy and Bao Yifan are really together. They not only break through the barrier of intimacy, but also give Bao Yifan the first night and get pregnant. Among the five beauties, the only one that has no emotional line in the first season will turn black for love in the second season. And in the first season, fan shengmei and Wang Baichuan finally made up their mind to be together, but because of their parents' opposition, their feelings were tested again. Finally, Qiu YingYing and Yingqin, the second season should be the rhythm of dog abuse mode. The second season should be broadcast on Oriental satellite TV on May 11~