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In recent years, the word "single dog" appears on the Internet, and it is often labeled, such as "Lu snake" or "very poor". But in fact, not every single person wants to end their single life, because they feel that a person is also very comfortable. So which constellations are on the list?

Top 3: for Libras, being single or in love doesn't make any difference, because they are born with a lot of social skills and friends. They always have a dinner party and are never afraid of being left alone. And they also enjoy a person's life, and even feel that single but relaxed, no burden!

Top 2: Gemini Gemini is probably the most precocious of the constellations. They have been in love since they were very young, and they have seen many romantic examples around them. After talking for a long time and seeing too much, they realize that it's good to be single. They also want to know what they want and cherish their own time.

Top 1: Sagittarius Sagittarius is recognized as a playboy, why? Because they don't know what they want, always empty and lonely, feel cold, love object always change quickly, in the end he doesn't want to fall in love, anyway, a person is very comfortable, won't be bound, also don't have to be afraid to bear the responsibility in love.