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The most effective way for lazy people to lose weight

I just heard that I don't believe in these lazy people's weight loss methods. How can it be? If lazy people can lose weight, then there are not all thin people in the world. But really, if you are willing to try, I would recommend several methods that are said to be able to 'quickly' lose weight

1. Sleep to lose weight

Yes, sleeping is also a way to lose weight. Scientific experiments have proved that: when people lack sleep, ghrelin, a growth hormone in the body, will surge, which will greatly increase people's appetite; at the same time, leptin, a leptin in the body, will drop, which is responsible for sending a 'full' signal to people, and its decrease means that your perception of whether you are full will decrease, and you are prone to overeating. What's more, when you're sleepless, you don't just want to eat, but also crave simple carbohydrate foods, such as chocolate, pasta and candy, because they transform into energy faster. In this way, sleep less and eat more, how can not fat? And keep enough sleep helps the body metabolism, make you easy to develop lean constitution, but also make your skin better.

2. Breathing to lose weight

Scientists at the University of New South Wales in Australia have found that by tracking the path of every atom in the body, the process of oxidation can lead to weight loss. And respiration is a process of oxidation. In other words, fat can be excreted in the form of carbon dioxide through the lung oxidation process. So, between your breath and your breath, there will be less fat. The method of breathing can adopt the abdominal breathing method in yoga. This way of breathing is an excellent way to strengthen the lung. The specific method is to inhale, expand the abdomen outward to the maximum extent, and keep the chest still. When exhaling, contract the abdomen inward to the maximum extent, and keep the chest still.

3. Eat less and eat more to lose weight

Eat less and eat more meals is the best way to lose weight, even if you eat all day, you will not be fat. Eat less and eat more. The specific method is to divide the diet into 5 ~ 6 meals. As for how much you eat every day, it depends on your personal situation and the time of eating. Generally speaking, you can eat more at dinner time until you are full. Besides dinner, we should eat less, mainly fruits and vegetables, and less staple food. The most important way to lose weight in this way is to control the total amount of calories in a day's diet.

4. Bath to lose weight

When bathing with hot water, hot water will wash away the dirt on the cortex, and the residual waste and excess water accumulated in the body will be discharged with sweat. On the one hand, it can eliminate edema, on the other hand, it can promote metabolism. It's better to add ginger slices or bath salt to the water when bathing. After bathing, a simple massage with massage oil can also help sleep.

5. Stretching to lose weight

Stretching to lose weight is proposed by Japanese famous doctor Sato Wancheng. He believes that as long as 70 seconds three times a day, it can effectively help to lose weight. Stretching can inhibit appetite, reduce calorie intake, exercise muscles, enhance metabolism, promote fat burning, and improve constipation. However, stretching is not a substitute for whole body exercise. To lose weight effectively, we should combine a variety of sports, such as swimming, running, cycling and other aerobic exercise, as well as some anaerobic exercise.