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How can we make a girl happy and spoil her as a princess

every girl hopes to become a princess and be spoiled by a boy who is like a prince. This is the greatest happiness. Small details in life are very important. Here are some small details that are easy to make a woman feel happy. How much have you done? Small details that make a woman feel happy. 1. When you get married, you should give her the most sincere commitment and the confidence to realize the commitment.

2. When you go out, just like when you are in love, you should keep your fingers together and look at her without strabismus.

3. When she is happy, you should be happy with her and laugh with her. No matter how busy you are, you should share her happiness.

4. She's tired of walking. You don't have to be afraid of others' advice to carry her on your back.

5. When she is wronged, you should rely on her shoulder and comfort her. 6. When she does something wrong, you should spoil her, comfort her, don't put it in your heart, let her give you coquetry.

7. When she is ill, you should give her every care.

8. When she is hungry, you should cook for her.

9. When she is pregnant, you should pay more attention to her, take care of her and spend more time with her. Women are very vulnerable and have a big temper at this time, because this is a special period. You must understand her and tolerate her.

10. If conditions permit, it's best to go home every night to accompany her and hold her to sleep. It's not a last resort. Don't neglect her. 11. Surprise her from time to time. Especially special days like anniversaries and birthdays.

12. Work hard for her and make her proud of you.

13. After success, I love her as well. I can't empathize with her. Give her a sense of security.

14. Spend more time with your family.

15. In old age, if both sides are alive, we should still treat her as a treasure.