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What color dress to wear to appear the person of face white face yellow to hurry to have a look

Now many beautiful women have yellow skin for some external reasons. They don't know what color to wear to look good. There are many colors that are not suitable for people with yellow skin. So, what color to wear for people with yellow skin? Please see the summary of Xiaobian


Black is a versatile color. People with any skin color will look white when wearing black, especially the mm with dark yellow skin. You can choose the exquisite and elegant black coat for a day, which will look very retro. of course. Black is also the preferred color for Manhattan professional women, and it is also suitable for office workers.


Red can not only make you look white, more importantly, it can make your face no longer so yellow, make your face red and ruddy, look will be more healthy, suitable for generous, warm, outgoing MM people to wear, will spread a fire like passion in winter yo!

Rubber powder

Authentic pink is not suitable for people with yellow skin. It will make the skin more yellow, but neutralized rubber powder is not the same. It can not only satisfy the girls' dreams, but also show the color of age reduction. Whether it's cardigan, or jacket, overcoat, down jacket, scarf, choosing this color will never be a problem.


This color also belongs to cold tone and dark color, but it's suitable for people with yellow skin. Dark color makes your skin whiter and has a noble and British tone. Many girls who like European and American style must try to buy a Navy coat to wear.

Never wear purple

Yes, purple is the killer of people with yellow skin. Even if people with fair skin wear this color, it's hard to control. Don't say people with dark skin. Never buy any purple clothes, which will make your face look like a woman with yellow face