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Spring is the best time to make up peach blossom

In the ancient poem 'peach blossom on human face' means that the girl's face reflects the bright peach blossom. Spring is also the season of peach blossom in full bloom. You might as well follow the spring breeze to paint a peach blossom makeup. Single girls may be able to attract peach blossom and meet their male gods in spring!

Spring is the season of brilliant bloom. The poet Cui Hu of Tang Dynasty described the girl's face as bright and moving with peach blossom. Take advantage of this spring breeze, today to share a proper season of peach blossom makeup, pink and peach combination of makeup, let you pink tender spring.

STEP 1: on the basis of good eye makeup, use the eye shadow stick to get peach pink eye shadow with pearl color, smear it in the middle of the socket, then push the eye shadow to the sides.

STEP 2: in order to emphasize the look of the eyes and remove the dropsy caused by peach pink, the purple eye shadow can be painted on the lower eyelids to replace the lower eyeliner and make the eyes more verve.

STEP 3: because the color of eye makeup is more conspicuous, it is more appropriate for blush to recommend the naked color system. Slightly brighten the complexion of the face to make the overall makeup more unified and lively.

Step 4: with eye makeup and theme, the same choice of peach pink water light strong mirror Lip Glaze. Mirror Lip Glaze can make lips appear plump and moist, increase the three-dimensional sense of lips, and add charm.