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What kind of trousers do radish legs wear? Legs are thick, so they look thin

How many mm is not confident because of their body shape, because meat and do not know how to wear. As a matter of fact, as long as we find the right position, develop our strengths and avoid our weaknesses, even if it's a little meat, we can still kill a lot of spareribs, conquer the stars and the sea, and join hands with the male god to reach the peak of life.

Harlan casual pants

A pair of casual pants with strong sense of design, simple version is full of fashion. The perfect combination of wide leg and straight leg pants is suitable for all kinds of leg types and can highlight women's tall body. It is really a piece with beauty and connotation.

Korean striped pants

Simple but not monotonous pants, full of turn back rate out of the street, slightly Harlem pants, slim legs, hidden meat show slim, elastic waist get rid of the trouble of fit or not, fashion nostalgic stripes bring a different mood to spring.

Seven point straight suit

Who says trousers can only be serious? These 7-point straight pants change your world outlook. The loose contour can easily shape the beautiful leg shape, and the elastic waist can also be used to tighten the waist and abdomen, showing the thin index of the upper body, which is more concise and atmospheric. It is the most beautiful piece that can not be missed in spring.