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Are single eyelids suitable for Eyeliner? Are you 9 among the unsuitable candidates?

[a share from Haimei] Nowadays, embroidery is also common in the beauty industry. But the effect of different doctors is also uneven. Many ophthalmologists often encounter patients who are ugly or even disfigured because of eyebrow and eye tattoo surgery, so here we remind you to be careful when doing eyebrow and eye tattoo surgery.

Eyebrow and eye tattoo surgery is essentially a kind of traumatic skin coloring. It uses a tattoo device to dye pigments into the skin tissue to form a new eyebrow and eyeliner that will not fade for a long time. Not everyone is suitable for this kind of operation, and it's not what we need

Some people can get the ideal effect. Therefore, we should know the eyebrow lines and eyelid lines before going to surgery.

What kind of crowd are tattooed Eyeliner suitable for? Is single eyelid suitable for Eyeliner?

Which eyebrow lines are suitable for eyebrow lines?

Eyebrows and eyes are closely related to appearance and emotional expression, so eyebrows and eyes have always been important parts of people's face modification. Traditional thrush and eyeliner methods are time-consuming and laborious, so there is a way of tattoo and eyeliner. It is generally believed that there are mainly several kinds of eyebrow lines suitable for tattoos and lines.

1. Loss of eyebrows or eyelashes due to illness or other causes.

2. The eyebrows or eyelashes are sparse and light in color.

3. Eyebrow or eyelash defect, eyebrow or eyelid margin scar caused by trauma or surgery.

4, there is no time for thrush or eyeliner because of occupation needs.

5. The eyebrow shape of both sides is asymmetric, the eyebrow shape is not ideal or not satisfied with the original eyebrow shape.

6, over 18 years old, require the eye liner, especially the small eye and double eyelid humanities eye liner, can achieve the effect of expanding the eye type and beautifying the face.

Which people are not suitable for eyebrow lines?

Those people are not suitable for lines?

Not everyone is suitable for tattoos and lines. So, who is not suitable for this kind of surgery?

1. Local inflammation, rash.

2. The eyebrows and eyelids were injured recently.

3. Patients with infectious diseases such as hepatitis and venereal diseases.

4. Allergic constitution or scar constitution.

5. Patients with abnormal mental state or mental illness.

6. Patients with diabetes and severe heart and brain diseases.

7, shilly Shally over the expectation of surgery or I hesitate to eyebrow or eyelid, and my family disagrees.

8. Eyelid has inside and outside turn over, eyeball protrudes outward obviously, upper eyelid skin is flabby droop or pouch is obvious person.

9. Single eyelid. However, a person with a single eyelid can achieve satisfactory results if he first performs double eyelid surgery.