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Square face girl is suitable for eyebrow shape picture. Raising eyebrows in high circular radian mak

[a share from Haimei] girls with face don't think they are not good-looking. It's international face! The choice of eyebrow shape is also very important. Successful eyebrows are comparable to plastic surgery. So let's learn it together~

Suggestions for square face thrush

The lines of a square face thrush should be softer and rounder. After raising the eyebrow shape, you can add a little natural radian at the end of the eyebrow instead of drawing a straight line. This small radian can make a square face turn round in a second, and the whole person will look gentle.

Square face is suitable for upward eyebrow with radian!

Square face gives people the feeling of angular, serious sense of cool, lack of femininity. Therefore, the upward eyebrow shape with radian can weaken the cool feeling brought by square face and increase femininity!

Square face thrush steps

Step 1:

Before thrushing, first comb the eyebrows neatly, and then use the eye as the base to make the eyebrows last a lot.

Step 2:

Pay attention to the eyebrow must be open, otherwise it will appear rigid, outline the basic range, eyebrow tail is darker than the color of the eyebrow, eyebrow can also first frame good and then pull, so it is not easy to make mistakes.

Step 3:

The color of the peak is darker than that of the eyebrow, which will make the eyebrow more layered. Finally, it's also a very important step. Brightening the brow bone with white skin will make the eyes clean immediately and make the whole person more energetic.