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What kind of tea has the best weight loss effect? The popular xuanmi tea in Japan and South Korea ma

[a share from Haimei] Chinese tea has always been a good thing, no less than all kinds of skin care products. In that case, spring will soon come in the middle of winter. Haimei has a thin paper. Don't worry. Haimei recommends a tea, xuanmi tea. Popular Japanese and Korean office workers, make you thin to cry, come and have a look!

Health function of xuanmi tea:

1. It has antioxidant, antibacterial, anti arteriosclerosis and other functions;

2. Whitening and moisturizing, rich nutrition, conditioning body circulation;

3. It can restrain excitement and relieve mental pressure, so it can treat insomnia and improve mental symptoms;

4. It can reduce blood fat and blood pressure, promote metabolism, help digestion, detoxification and beauty.

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Nutritional function:

1. Xuanmi tea has the function of inhibiting tannic acid in green tea, and the caffeine content of xuanmi tea is very low, so it is not easy to lose sleep even if you drink it before going to bed.

2. Dark rice is rich in protein, carbohydrate, fiber, vitamin B, e and other nutrients. It is more healthy and nutritious than germ rice and white rice. It can promote the smooth flow of blood and urine. It is also an ideal food for people with high blood pressure and high blood fat.

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3. It has a unique function of warming the stomach, even if the stomach is not good people can rest assured to drink. In addition, a large number of tea polyphenols and vitamins in green tea make xuanmi tea more healthy than pure green tea.

Drinking strong tea for a long time is harmful to the body, so it is recommended to drink tea in an appropriate amount, and to drink tea suitable for oneself according to one's physique.