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Who is suitable for a knee coat? You can wear it like a queen without big legs!

[a share from Haimei] how to keep warm and maintain style in winter is a clothing problem that editors have been working hard to solve for you. In winter, of course, the more you cover, the warmer you get. So long overcoats must be your sharp tool for keeping warm, and it happens that long overcoats can make you look very impressive. Maybe you think that the long style is only the patent of tall girls, but in fact, with the belt to adjust the proportion of upper and lower body, it can also appear slender.

If you're not looking for a street photo or a long coat with legged pants or stockings, the contrast of silhouettes can make you look thinner.

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Supermodel Ju Xiaowen (micro blog) and he Sui's long overcoat can match flat shoes perfectly, while ordinary people still need to use high heels to lengthen their legs.

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Although it's a knee length coat, you can still use short skirt or hip skirt to improve the proportion of the body inside.

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Raising waistline is the key point for women to wear knee length coats.

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Don't be afraid to see such a long skirt. The tall sister, Haimei, won't say anything.

If you are not that tall, you must choose high heels~

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