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Zhang Xinyi's embarrassment in face to face: Shen Mengchen bumps face again after p

[a share from Haimei] recently, Zhang Xinyi attended the press conference of the TV series let's fall in love. At the conference, the lace white dress was very beautiful and greasy, but the face... Haimei didn't know whether Zhang Xinyi was swollen or not. Haimei was embarrassed when she stepped down from her face. She even bumped into Shen Mengchen's face.

Haimei doesn't know whether Zhang Xinyi is swollen or not?

The distance photo is like this

The visual impact is smaller, but it is still very different from the previous small face

However, the powerful P-map master, after repairing, unexpectedly bumped into Xu Jiao's face


Haimei is here to give a compliment to the map repairman!

Haimei: who is Haimei

Gender: Female

Hobby: Male

Occupation: female editor of

Responsibility: as long as you give an order, Haimei will help you find the most satisfactory answer even if you travel all over the world.

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My sister, Haimei, first of all, praises you here!

W4w: I'm surprised!