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Short pear shaped body wear with winter not afraid to wear more than afraid to wear wrong!

[a share from Haimei] pear shaped figure means that the upper body is thin and the lower body is fat, especially the thighs. However, winter is the best season for covering meat. With a few simple collocations of Haimei, I'm not afraid! I can also wear the cool goddess with a short and rational figure~

Today's piece is a long coat.

Sister paper should not be afraid to hear long, in fact, long coat with the right shoes, is really thin and tall!

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People with pear shaped bodies have too much fat on their hips and thighs,

That is to say, fat is mainly deposited in the buttocks and thighs,

Upper body is not fat, lower body fat, you need to cover your thighs!

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Note: you can choose the waist length and middle thigh

A coat with an open hem.

The bottom can be worn with a classic skirt or tights.

Color matching should pay attention to the bottom of the color selection should be deeper than the top.

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