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How to lose weight quickly in winter

[a piece from Haimei] after Zheng Shuang was so thin, many people still envied that Shuang's younger sister was too thin, but they still envied the younger sister who pursued chopsticks legs. She was photographed walking around the snack street, only to taste, not to buy, a bottle of drink for lunch. Some doctors have shown that such a diet is just playing with your life. So how can we lose weight quickly in winter? Learn from Haimei~

Choose food to lose weight

Modern transportation conditions and freezing technology of fruits and vegetables enable us to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the year.

Bread and bread can also be considered as weight control food, but not too much at a time. You can spread jam, skim cheese, etc. on bread.

High fat meats, sausages and luncheon meats contain more fat, but you don't have to abandon them completely. You can eat them with some fresh vegetables, beans or pasta with these red meats. Xiaoxue recommended: 12 secrets of losing weight

Diet mistakes in winter

Mistake 1: avoid sugar

Many people believe that sweet food is the main culprit of obesity, but new research shows that eating the same amount of sugar food and high-fat food, the former intake of calories is much lower than the latter, so sugar is a shortcut to get full energy in the cold season without getting fat.

Myth 2: less calories

In order to lose weight, many people set limits on their own diet and set up many dietary taboos, such as no oil, no high calorie food and so on. Although to a certain extent can play a certain weight loss effect, but also can cause nutritional imbalance. In order to achieve the effect of weight loss and health, dieters can control the daily intake of food calories within 4000-5600 joules.

Third, superstition on diet food

In the winter when the human body is relatively weak, many people may suffer from anemia and other diseases if they take diet food as their staple food. Although many weight-loss foods claim to contain sufficient nutrients, in fact, more nutrients need to be taken from natural foods.

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