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She doesn't have to be beautiful or thin, but as a girlfriend, you have to know these 15 things!

A share from Haimei: if I love you, I will want to own your whole world. If I love you, I will allow you to be wild in my world. Love is sometimes very simple, as long as we are pure mutual refinement, love is sometimes very difficult, you may be my left wing, but can't jump into my right palm. So, as a perfect girl friend, do you really do it? Let's have a look. Finally, Haimei shares a secret with you.

She likes the same thing as you

You all like watching movies, you love swimming, and you have almost the same view of what people are bound to do. Of course, you don't all share the same interests in everything, but at least 90% of them are similar.

She never interferes with your work

Yoko Ono (John Lennon's second wife) once said in an interview, "John and I got together by giving up each other's careers." but, like the Beatles, their dissolution was a complex, long-lasting affair.

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She will tell you why she is in a bad mood

No one can be in a good mood all the time. She will tell you what's wrong with her, what's going on at work and why she's in such a bad mood. Some people call it real communication.

4. She loves you because of you, not because of your achievements

Many famous people attract people because of their star status. Tim TEBOW said directly that the girl he wanted was a kind and lovely person, not like him because of his reputation.

She doesn't try to change you

You know a pattern where people want to shape you Mr.Perfect 。 Although everyone has some imperfections, a really good girlfriend will accept your imperfections and accept that your hairstyle is different or your weight is above or below a certain target.

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She is satisfied with her image

She doesn't always try to change her face. She's not obsessed with losing weight or running. She is always satisfied and at ease with herself.

7. She is not the possessor of your free time

Basically, she won't complain that you have a lot of work to do. She allows you time to be alone and complaint free.

8. She understands your values

You have a common idea about how to treat others. You have a clear definition of what education is and what honesty is most important. Most importantly, you have a clear understanding of money and its use. No matter the rich or the miser, you can solve all the problems.

She is honest with you

Because she told you a lot about her, you know her childhood and some of her personal problems. You know her worries and her little obsession. You know this because she wants people who love her not only to see her bright side, but also to see her small shortcomings and weaknesses.

She is a good listener

She'd like to hear what's wrong with your project at work, or why you're so mad at your boss. She asked for some details. Her questions focus on where the things that annoy you come from, and she'll be happy to tell you when you need advice.

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She is such an interesting person

You laugh at the same things, you enjoy a lot of things together, you enjoy each other's silly jokes on Facebook, cartoon characters, bad songs, and some crazy things.

12. She likes to go out with her family and friends

When you want to work with your or her friends, she can fit into your family without any jealousy or potential emotions that make the atmosphere weird.

She never asks for advice on buying clothes

She never asks you to help her choose clothes, and she never asks you which color suits her. She didn't have to ask because she was very confident and composed

14. She knows how to surprise you

She knows how to surprise you, whether it's a different outing, a sudden change in plans, or other routine changes that make life boring.

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She never nags you

She is a girl who can let go of some trivial things and make you feel relaxed and free in her company. You all believe that you can make progress together without nagging and unnecessary nitpicking. You are all on a journey of self-development and self-improvement.

In fact, if you don't want to get along with my girlfriend, you will find that you are not in love with me in the whole world.