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12 constellation male most dislike female basin friend tube him what?

A share from Haimei: marriage is the grave of love, love is doomed to take back part of the freedom. However, there are still some things that you don't want to be disturbed. Do you want to see if the girls have stepped into the restricted area of their boyfriends?

What's bothering your girlfriend most

The Aries boys have a clear distinction between life and work. In life, no matter what it is, you need to decide with your girlfriend and let the other party enter your own life. But in the face of work, they hope that their girlfriend can quietly do not interfere. They have their own plans for every step of their work, so they don't want their girlfriends to get involved too much.

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[Taurus] what's bothering your girlfriend

Taurus boys think that friends and love can coexist. After all, in Taurus' heart, love is not all. They hope to be able to harvest love and friendship at the same time. So what they hate most is that their girlfriends are not allowed to party with their friends. They think they are a proper person and know what to do, but if they don't trust themselves, they will feel tired.

What does Gemini care about most

Gemini boys are easy to discuss, as long as you are reasonable, they will agree with you, and will choose to step back. They think that love is the same, everything needs both sides to communicate together. But what they hate most is that their girlfriends are trying to change their ideas and ideas. He can accept his girlfriend's opinion, but it doesn't mean they have to change their opinion.

[cancer] what's bothering your girlfriend most

Cancer boys pay most attention to family. They want their girlfriend to be a good talker. Especially in the face of their families, we must know how to be humble. What they can't accept most is that their girlfriends have too many conflicts with their families, so they will be very unhappy. After all, their girlfriends have not been married, so they should not have too much discussion about their families.

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[lion] what's bothering your girlfriend most

Leo boys should be able to say patience. When they do a lot of things, they don't pay special attention to the details, they just remember the general. But if they don't understand and keep asking them about the details, they will be very impatient and think that their girlfriend is so stupid and wordy. They want to get to each other's points without too much language.

[virgin] what's bothering your girlfriend most

Virgo boys think they should decide how to use the money they earn. They have high requirements for their own life, and many things need to be handled by themselves to be at ease. But if their girlfriends want to manage their shopping, they will be very angry. If their girlfriends still dislike their taste, they may fall out with their girlfriends at any time.

[Libra] what's bothering your girlfriend most

Libra boys are very tangled, when they finally decide something, but their girlfriends start to interfere with them, they will feel that their thinking has been disturbed, which will make them feel their life is very chaotic, they will run down. But for the sake of their girlfriends, they still choose to listen to their girlfriend's decision, but if things fail. They'll blame their girlfriends.

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[Scorpio] what's bothering your girlfriend most

Scorpio boys are more mysterious, in fact, Scorpio will be misunderstood many times, the biggest willing is that Scorpio is not willing to explain. Obviously, I have never done such a thing, but I will not clarify the fact in any case. Because, these are not important in their hearts. But if his girlfriend keeps asking him, he will feel that the other party does not trust him when he feels very upset.

[shooter] what's bothering your girlfriend most

Sagittarius boys like the most is convenience, most things are to focus on the overall situation, to seek the simplest way to solve problems. But if a girlfriend is always around and chattering, they will feel that their girlfriend just needs to take care of themselves, not themselves. Maybe it's because shooters love freedom too much and don't like to be constrained, so they are not happy.

[Capricorn] what's bothering your girlfriend most

Capricorn boys are honest people, do things have their own set of rules. They think that the money they earn from their hard work should be well controlled by themselves. They're not mean people, but they have to make sure they feel it's worth buying. If a girlfriend always asks to buy something that is not worth it, they will be very upset and even think that they have found the wrong partner.

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What's bothering your girlfriend most

Aquarius boys respect their partner's choices and listen to them. If their girlfriends ask them to do something, they will try to do it. But sometimes they feel very upset because of such a commitment. In fact, they love freedom very much. What they hope for is that they can love each other freely, not through restraint.

Pisces: what's bothering your girlfriend

Pisces boys have many friends, some of whom are ambiguous friends. Such friends can also be called spare wheel. When they are single, these friends may take the place of the other half. All this is what they are planning in silence. If the other half asks them if they have a spare tire, they will feel very sad, after all, the other party begins to distrust themselves.