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90 year old fashion female devil head fashion street photographer's fashion collocation

A share from Haimei: there are too many examples of fashion icon at a young age, which makes fashion seem to become something for young people. Little do you know that those time in the precipitation of the older generation did not give up the pursuit of fashion, even the fashion trend of the leaders. Today, Haimei will take you to have a look at those fashionable grannies over 80!

Carmen Dell & quo; orefice

If you say that supermodels only eat youth meals, Haimei just wants to say, you think too much! Carmen, 80, was a regular customer of T-STAR until three years ago. Over 80 years old and young models stand together, the whole body exudes the fragrance of years brewing on her body.

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Even with the brand of time, but elegant temperament is many young models have never had. It's no wonder that many top photographers have named Carmen the Muse forever.

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Carmen never disguised her age. She boldly accepted herself. She believes that women will not be affected by aging, and she has proved this by herself.

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Linda Rodin

Linda Rodin, a 65 year old fashion stylist, is absolutely a world-class icon. The right combination of clothes proves her years of accumulation. It is the so-called veteran, one top two. She is not only accomplished in fashion. Linda Rodin has created her own cosmetics brand. She has studied fashion and beauty. She has her own unique views on these two things.

She often love to label her fashionable products, such as changing handbag handles or mixing perfume that she likes.

We often see Linda Rodin with her dog in front of fashion cameras. Sunglasses, silver hair and red lips are her classic image, and her concave shape is also quite professional.