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12 Horoscope: Daily Horoscope. 10.12

A share from Haimei: I don't know how you are. Maybe you are old. Haimei still believes in fate and fate. But of course, it's not that you wait for the future if you don't work hard. Fate is in the hands of the strong, not in the mouth of metaphysicians. Constellation prediction is only a kind-hearted reference for readers, not an inevitable fact. Take a look at Tang Liqi's Daily Horoscope on October 12, 2016

Bright sky constellations

White sheep

Today, many people around you care about you. If you need help, everyone will rush to you, and you can't refuse other people's requests. On the emotional side, you are invited to family parties with your partner. Lucky color is brown.


Today things will come back to life, or there is an opportunity to change the important development in the future. Please take good advantage of it. On the emotional side, there is a good chance to get back together with your partner, or get a better relationship with the other person. The lucky color is black.

Water bottle

Today, we will encounter challenges that seem difficult to achieve. As long as we overcome them with softness, we will surely be able to successfully complete them. In terms of feelings, the other party is angry with you because he loves you too much, so please don't get angry with him, otherwise you will lose the good opportunity of communication. Lucky color is orange.

Cloudy constellation in sunny days


Today, people are full of ideas and have the ability to fight against others. Therefore, people who are engaged in speaking, debating or negotiating will perform very well. Emotional aspect although you have a lot to express, but also to listen to what the other side said. The lucky color is gold.


Today, many things need to be quiet and thoughtful, so try to do less or socialize so that you can know what you want. There are a lot of ambiguous people in the emotional aspect. Some conditions are good, but you don't feel it. The lucky color is blue.


Today, there are a lot of things that need to catch up with the schedule. Therefore, we should make up the things carefully and quickly to feel at ease. Love to the other side of the commitment to good performance, because the other half is very concerned about your performance, so do not take it lightly. The lucky color is yellow.

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Cloudy sky constellations


Today, there is performance pressure. If you don't meet the standard, you will be asked or talked about by others. Therefore, you should do it step by step. Emotional aspects and the other half of the living habits are different, it is suggested that we should communicate with each other, so as not to feel out of place. The lucky color is white.


Today, although you are lucky about going abroad, there are still twists and turns. Many things need to be asked in person or asked to help you identify the earth signs. Emotional parts may have friction or different goals, so it is more conducive to long-distance love. Lucky color is orange.

Constellation in rainy days


Today there is a situation of forgetting the East and the west, and will encounter people who do not work seriously and implicate you. In terms of emotion, it is easy to miss a good opportunity. For example, if you don't say what you should say, or if you want to confess, you don't, so please grasp the moment. The lucky color is red.


Today's work will encounter people who do not plan, you might as well let yourself in charge will be better. Emotional aspect and the other half of the money view has the difference, let you endure to the limit, suggested that should say the words only then. The lucky color is white.

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Thunder and lightning constellation


Today's cooperation is not smooth. For example, we have different opinions or lose tacit understanding. It is better to make clear the suggestions. Emotionally, it's a day when it's easy to break up, to fail to confess, or not to meet. Lucky color is orange.


Today's working environment makes you vulnerable to knife burn or infection, so you should pay attention to the health of the surrounding environment. The emotional part has no patience with the other half. It is better not to meet each other, so as to avoid quarreling and saying goodbye. The lucky color is gold.