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Pear diet is not the healthiest way to lose weight in autumn!

A sharing from Haimei: the healthiest way to lose weight is dietotherapy, like the orange weight-loss method shared by Haimei before. This time, Haimei continues to find healthy and delicious ways to lose weight in the orchard. Here, pear diet! Dry weather in autumn, we only know that eating pears can moisten the lung, but we don't know how to lose weight. How to eat? Come and carry a small bench to learn!

1) Get up in the morning and drink a cup of salted water, and then eat a pear and an egg. Lunch can be eaten according to your own habits, but can only eat 7% full, and avoid fried and greasy food. Dinner is mainly vegetable and pear, and then drink a bowl of vegetable soup.

2) Rock sugar pear water, 2 pears, a little rock sugar. Remove the peel and core of the pear and cut it into small pieces. Add 3 small bowls of water in the pot, pour in the pear pieces after boiling, add rock sugar to boil for 5 minutes, the MM effect of virtual fire obesity constitution is good, you can even eat pear water dregs together, in summer, it is also a good weight loss sweets, how beautiful the desserts can be eaten.

3) Stew pears and four Yali pears. Peel them with a knife, cut them horizontally from the top, dig out the cores, fill them with rock sugar and eight treasure rice, fork them with toothpicks, and seal the cut parts. Then steaming on the pot, pear to translucent when the pot. It can be eaten after cooling. It looks like jelly. It's beautiful.

What should I pay attention to when I eat pear to lose weight?

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Pay attention to lose weight by eating pears

Although eating pears can reduce weight, but pears have their own characteristics, can not eat to lose weight. There are the following situations, to pay attention to Oh!

1) Pear partial cold helps dampness, eat more will hurt the spleen and stomach, so spleen and stomach deficiency cold, fear cold food should eat less. Pear contains more fruit acid, stomach acid, can not eat more.

2) Pear has diuretic effect, frequent urination at night, eat less pear before going to bed.

3) Patients with blood deficiency, chills, diarrhea and cold hands and feet should not eat more pears, and it is better to cook them before eating them, so as to prevent the symptoms of dampness and cold aggravating.

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4) Pear contains high sugar content, diabetes should be cautious.

5) Pear contains more fruit acid, should not be used with alkaline drugs, such as aminophylline, sodium bicarbonate, etc. Pears should not be eaten with crabs in case of diarrhea.

6) In order to relieve cough and phlegm, it is not suitable to choose sweet pear with too high sugar content.