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How to thrush natural hand disabled party must see the eyebrow drawing method!

A share from Haimei: remember the two cute caterpillars under your forehead. For the novice makeup, even if the fast understanding of makeup, it also has painting disability time, let alone hand disabled party. How to draw eyebrows naturally? How can I ask the word "crayon Xiaoxin" eyebrows? Haimei Dingdang presents you with ~ dada

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Notes on thrush

1、 Notes on thrush

1. Before drawing eyebrows, you should first look at your face in the mirror, which eyebrow shape is suitable for.

2. If you are a beginner. The first thing to do is to take a long eyebrow brush, or eyebrow pencil according to the figure below to align their nose to find their own eyebrow peak.

Tips: the key point of a thrush is to draw the outline you want and fill the color from back to front, from dark to light color. When drawing to the eyebrow, use a clean halo dye brush or finger to make the eyebrow halo naturally, and do not have an obvious contour at the brow.

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Foggy eyebrows for beginners

2、 Foggy eyebrows for beginners

1. The darkest color of eyebrow powder should be used gradually from the middle of eyebrow, and it is not necessary to brush out the shape with eyebrow brush.

2. Brush to the middle of the eyebrow, mix the middle color and the darkest color of the eyebrow powder, and gradually advance to the middle and front part of the eyebrow tail.

3. The brow should be swept with the remaining powder of the eyebrow brush. Finally, you should rub it gently with your fingers and open your eyebrows.

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Everyday small flat eyebrows

3、 Everyday small flat eyebrows

1. Draw a base line according to the bottom of your eyebrows. The strokes should be light and not hard.

2. Don't draw too wide eyebrow tail. The radian should be natural. Gently pull it to connect with the lower datum line.

3. Gently fill the gap between the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil.

4. Brush the whole eyebrow according to the growth direction of eyebrow with eyebrow brush until it is natural.

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Thrush tip

Thrush tip

The three-dimensional feeling of eyebrows requires the eyebrows to have a three-dimensional sense, and to draw a sense of hierarchy, so that the depth of the eyebrows is consistent, the position of the eyebrows is lighter, and the middle of the eyebrows is deeper than the tail of the eyebrows. Eyebrow powder from the eyebrow brush to the eyebrow tail, if the eyebrow hair itself is very thick, you can modify the eyebrow, brush the color lighter. Eyebrows are long and rare. Some people have hair shortage in some part of their eyebrows. You can use a light colored eyebrow pencil to draw eyebrows one by one along the direction of eyebrow growth in the gap.