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Who is the most handsome man in school uniform? Lu Han is the second and the first one!

A sharing from Haimei: school uniform is a suit that everyone will have at every stage, but most people don't like to wear ugly school uniform. So if the school uniform can not cover a person's handsome words, it is really handsome. Haimei, let's make an inventory of your male gods in school uniform to see if he is your deskmate.

No.9 Wu Yifan must be a cold boy at school. His school uniform is very handsome

No.8 Wei Chen has a student's green and astringent appearance, and his black thin frame eyes make him full of bookishness

No.7 Lin updated this picture. Hahaha, Haimei thought of a combination of 'a Dai and a Gua' silly school uniform. Lin update is so cute

No.6 in those years, how many people miss Ke Zhendong, a proud young man with white shirt we saw

No.5 Peng YuYan's school dress is also in the "rush year". He looks good in everything. Haimei guesses that he must have a clean hairstyle when he went to school

No.4 Wang Junkai was a teenager, so the school uniform must have no violation. Look at the collagen on that face and look at the innocent smile. Mom and grandma are melted again

No.3 Yang Yang has seen the photos of Yang Yang when he was a child, and he knows that he is also a master from handsome to big. He always looks so clean and beautiful

No.2 Lu Han people who have met Lu Han say that the child is beautiful and smart, which is the best explanation for him. The deer in school uniform is even more cute and handsome

Of course, we can't even describe the first star marshal in the star trek to dress up his bad personality