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Zhou Xun's 42 year old interpretation of 17-year-old Qing palace girl's age is just better precipita

In fact, many people are half happy and half worried when they hear that Zhou Xun is the heroine of Ruyi Zhuan. The joy is that with Zhou Xun's skilful acting skills, she can flexibly show the rough life of the heroine Qingying in the original work. The worry is that, after all, age is there. Now that Zhou Xun is over 40, can he really show the naive and simple side of Qing Ying when he was young?

The truth is, we're thinking too much. Recently, Zhou Xun posted a blog saying that Bashang had finished work, and had shown the modeling in "Ruyi Zhuan". From the delicate and natural makeup to the smart and charming eyes, Zhou Xun was a 17-year-old girl who was still childish.

It reminds people of her former film and television work "Daming Palace Ci" in her girlhood. Because of this role, Zhou Xun won the best supporting actress of the Golden Eagle Festival in 2000.

Now it seems that Duke Zhou has set Ruyi's temperament and people as the leader. In the original work, Qingying changed her name to Ruyi in order to avoid the infighting between the palace and the palace. She thought she could live a peaceful life, but she did not expect that all the people in the harem would not let her go. In order to survive, Ruyi cuts through the thorns step by step and removes the people who were framed one by one.

It can be said that Ruyi in her later period won the status and rights of the harem, but she still couldn't stop the endless dispute among women. The mood of the heroine changes gradually, and according to Zhou Xun's works before, it will certainly show the heroine who loves to do anything in her later stage~

Do you still remember Mr. Zhou's fierce eyes in the film "painted skin". He was so casual that he could kill all his opportunities. His acting skills were amazing!

How can such a grand play "Ruyi Zhuan" not be expected!