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Test: what kind of self do you have in mind?

A test from Haimei: I always know that I am so afraid of the dark when I walk in the dark street; I always know that I can carry my luggage to the fifth floor at one go when I am alone; I always know that I can't cry when I am sad and dying. Sometimes we don't know ourselves, at least not completely. You may be smart on the surface, but there is a little fox in your heart, cunning and flirtatious. Maybe you are a woman, but in fact, you are afraid of touching because of your weakness. Don't know your own, test your other side. It is said that there is a little fox living in the heart of the lovely sea sister.

1. What kind of goods can win your heart more?

&Middot; luxury -- 7

&Middot; cheap trendy -- 2

2. How do you react when you see cockroaches?

&Middot; trample to death -- 8

&Middot; scream -- 3

3. When you are tired, the walking posture is:

&Middot; still head up and chest up -- 9

&Middot; powerless -- 4

4. What kind of friends do you have more?

&Middot; successful people -- 10

&Middot; ordinary people -- 5

5. When you see a friend wearing too fancy clothes, you will say:

&Middot; 'you're like a clown. '--11

&Middot; 'too bright to look good. '--6

6. Are your habits the same?

&Middot; not -- 12

&Middot; yes -- 7

7. Which height of high heels do you prefer?

&Middot; over 8cm -- 13


8. If you have seen killing sheep with your own eyes, can you still eat mutton?

&Middot; can -- 14

&Middot; can't -- 9

9. When you eat the cake with jam, you will:

&Middot; suck out -- 15

&Middot; wipe off with paper -- 10

10. Don't you take the time to experience free beauty?

&Middot; yes -- 16

&Middot; not -- 11

11. It's raining heavily. The delivery you ordered is late. According to the regulations, it's free. But the delivery man is wet all over. You will:

&Middot; refuse to pay -- 17

&Middot; still pay him -- 12

12. Will your mood fluctuate a lot in a short time?

&Middot; yes -- 18

&Middot; not -- 13

13. When decorating, how do you communicate with decorators?

&Middot; simple and clear with distinct theme -- A

&Middot; tedious -- 14

14. When a child falls in front of you, you will:

&Middot; better do nothing -- B

&Middot; get him up -- 15

15. After eating in the restaurant, you find the lipstick has faded. How do you make up?

&Middot; local make-up -- C

&Middot; hide in the toilet to make up -- 16

16. When decorating the house, will you entrust the decorating company, or will you choose the materials and let them install them?

&Middot; pick their own stuff and let them load -- D

&Middot; fully commissioned decoration company, easy-going-17

17. The custom-made clothes are a little bigger. The garment maker says that they can sell you cheaper. You will:

&Middot; change, bargain, no bargain -- e

&Middot; will accept -- 18

18. Every time you get angry, can your friends know why?

&Middot; don't know -- F

&Middot; yes -- 19

19. If someone accidentally deleted your work report, you will:

&Middot; lose his temper -- A

&Middot; forget it -- B

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A. There's a powerful woman in your heart

You are a domineering queen from the inside out. You have an adorable king style. You are like a lioness at any time, but you can keep your grace and magnanimity. At most, the occasional bullying will make others inconceivable. You are very popular, but others don't know that there is a devil woman in your heart who is more domineering than your performance. You don't want to be domineering only occasionally. You wish everything was decided by yourself. Even if you give orders, others can't say no.

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B. You have a wicked witch in your heart

I have to say that sometimes your inner thoughts are really hateful. It's better to be careful around people. Don't provoke you, or it will be itchy. You'll make TA want to hit the wall. Your way of playing pranks is amazing. You can make him want to escape to the moon. Under your gentle and lovely or beautiful and kind appearance, there is a wicked girl who looks like a witch. As long as they are released carelessly, it will kill people. The vicious and strange tricks that others can't even think of have happened to ta innocently.

C. There is a coquettish little fox in your heart

You are the standard sullen fox. Maybe your serious and reserved performance will make people misunderstand you are shy, introverted and conservative. In fact, you live in a coquettish and fiery little fox. Of course, you don't really show coquettish about men's actions, but in fact, even if you just know the object you like, you have already thought about how to behave if you have deeper and closer contacts. You know how to make him obsessed with you, but what you always do is not enough. This is the brilliance of the fox and the evil girl in your heart.

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D. You have a shrewd and powerful calculation in mind

Even if you have a lovely baby face, giving the impression of honesty and cleverness, or even a silly look, your heart is very smart. You may not be able to immediately say what is a high-yield financial management method, but you have already calculated all these clearly in your mind. The speed is comparable to that of the computer, so the evil girl who lives in your heart is an abacus who can calculate as well as a fast abacus.

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E. There's a mean queen in your heart

In other people's eyes, you are a little picky at best. In fact, you live in the heart of an unknowable empress. You are not only sharp and mean, but also a tone that no matter how hard you try, others can't satisfy you. Maybe you praise others' beautiful clothes with a smile, but in fact, you think such clothes are too old-fashioned to be funny. You may be able to praise others sincerely, but in fact, you think he is a vulgar minion. If you release the evil girl in your heart, your sharp words will completely subvert your usual friendly image. So it's better to take care of that mean girl and don't let her out.

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F. There's a weird psychopath in your heart

You won't easily reveal your true thoughts and feelings. Others don't know your mind and think you live in your own world completely, mysterious and unpredictable. But your inner subtlety is far beyond the scope of mystery and elusiveness. Your neurotic personality is often either too fussy about small things or not concerned about big things. It's almost impossible to understand you in the ordinary mind. Fortunately, your inner psychopath is not often exposed, or other people may even hide you who often laugh inexplicably and get angry inexplicably.