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Great discovery! Every couple will experience five tests!

The ideal love may be that as long as you are with that person, you will feel 'I still can't do without him', or the original heart of a deer will gradually change into a sense of peace with each other's company. As long as you are with that person, you will feel that the world is big or you have a place to live. Everyone must be envious of such feelings, but in fact, to make the relationship between two people reach this stage, there are five kinds of 'exercises' that have to be experienced before, which are the five kinds of tests that a long-term love couple listed on a website will experience in the early stage of love. Let's have a look!

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1. Suddenly unable to receive contact from the other party

Before falling in love, what men and women are looking forward to most is the SMS, phone or social software message bar from each other. Although most of the time they are just telling each other some trivial things, the two sides will happily share the jokes and discuss the new things together. Perhaps in the eyes of others are talking about some boring topics, but the parties will feel extremely happy and happy.

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However, if you can't receive any contact from the other party suddenly in this case, one party will feel extremely worried and think, 'did I say something wrong and shouldn't I say?' so he reached for his mobile phone countless times to see it and sighed frequently because he didn't see the message from the other party. When you understand that the other party is just too busy to contact, you will feel relieved and relieved. At this time, I will understand that I can be so happy just because of a reply from the other party. Only through this kind of test can you understand how much you care about each other.

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2. It's said that the other side has a good relationship with other members of the opposite sex

I feel that I have a good relationship with each other, so I always think that I am in love with each other. But if you know that the other person is close to another woman at this time, you will often feel lost: "I always think you like me, is it just my wishful thinking?" not only do you hear such rumors, but also sometimes you see them with your own eyes, which is even more devastating. And this kind of time will be more clear about how much you like each other.

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3. Suddenly receiving a call from the other party

Once you want to know the truth and new ideas of each other, no matter how good at dealing with emotional problems, you will become an idiot. 'it's clear that you can answer all the troubles of other people's love neatly. Why are you so confused when it comes to your own problems?' if the other party calls suddenly at this time, will it become suddenly don't know what to say?

But if you don't answer the phone because it's too sudden or inconvenient for you, you may find that you can't get through again. At this time, I can't help feeling very lonely, and there is a strong feeling of attachment that I want to see him now, and I want to hear his voice soon.

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4. They walk together on the deserted night road

Taking a walk on a deserted night road, even if you have a lot of words in your mind, you will not know what to say for a while, or you will feel that talking too much will disturb the beautiful atmosphere. Just walking silently side by side, you will feel that your heart is full of happiness. Although the atmosphere between the two worlds is quiet, it is reassuring. At this time, both sides will inevitably have the mood of 'I want to go on like this all the time'. Love for each other will be deeper.

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5. Stay alone for more than half a day

After going through the above stages, you may feel that the relationship between the two people is like a couple in communication, but the relationship has not been finalized. However, they are too late to open their mouth and worry about finding out that everything is just their wishful thinking & hellip; & hellip; in this annoying tangle, we might as well find an opportunity for two people to be alone, and then we may find that they have been together for more than half a day unconsciously, so that we can understand that each other also likes to be together with themselves.