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"Auntie" period to skin care to let you water over the embarrassing period!

In fact, women's aunts are more likely to have skin problems. The endocrine disorders and estrogen disorders caused by aunts will make your skin have small problems. Acne, glossy and large pores will be more serious. Can you apply a mask when you come to a big aunt?

To absorb skin care products well, first of all, we need to clean the skin. In the morning, our skin cleaning needs are relatively simple, just use the cleanser to clean the grease secreted by the skin all night long. But in the evening, no matter how tired or annoying you are, please do the cleansing procedure. No matter after you put on makeup, or just apply isolation or sunscreen, it's very important to remove makeup. Cleansing foam, whether frothy or non foaming, must be able to clean facial dust and clogging pores. The skin is clean and comfortable after cleansing, and it can also be fully absorbed by facial mask or other care.

What should I pay attention to when applying mask to my aunt?

Physiological period is the lowest period of female estrogen secretion. At this time, the skin is easy to be sensitive and dry, the oil secretion is unbalanced, and the natural horniness is increased. At this time, it is recommended to use anti allergy and moisturizing facial mask. In the first week after the physiological period of pre ovulation (6-12 days), the estrogen begins to work hard, which is the best period of skin condition. Water content and sebum amount enter into the most ideal state, and the ability to absorb nutrients is also the strongest, which is the golden period of nourishing and whitening. At this time, it is recommended to use deep reparation, whitening and moisturizing mask.

It's very important to protect your skin after your aunt's ovulation

Ovulation period is the alternation period between the period of strong estrogen secretion and the period of strong flavonoid secretion. The skin condition becomes gradually unstable. At this time, deep cleansing and moisturizing facial mask is recommended. After ovulation, hormone water becomes disordered, sebum secretion is excessive, and melanin accumulated in the deep layer of the skin slowly goes to the surface of the skin with metabolism. At this time, it is recommended to use Huang Liang skin, moisturizing and water blocking facial mask. It can be seen from above. Menses can be applied to mask. When women's blood goes down, their body will lose a lot of water, so the skin in physiological period is easy to be rough and dry. If the blood circulation is not smooth, the condition of black eye circle will be very serious. Therefore, this time, moisturizing homework is particularly important, a deep moisturizing mask is essential, while the whitening eye mask can also help to reduce the black eye on the beauty of interference.

Selection method of mask during big aunt

Creamy mask: dry, mixed skin, cream texture generally contains a higher oil content. For dry skin, with the aggravation of "drought" during the menstrual period, if you can use a moisturizing mask with high oil content, it will be more conducive to keeping moisture in the skin. In particular, some cream moisturizing facial mask can stay overnight on the skin, and the effect will be better. For mixed skin, targeted replenishment of water will make the skin more tender.

Paper mask: oily skin oily skin does not mean that your skin will not be thirsty, and paper mask can carry a high concentration of moisturizing essence, so that the skin is intensive moisturizing care, and can quickly improve the water content of the skin. But one thing to note is that after 15~20 minutes, when you remove the mask, you should immediately apply moisturizing cream to lock the moisture in your skin.

Aunt is the best period for your skin care. At this time, skin care is more important than other times. The choice of mask is different from usual. Hope that the younger sister can find their own way.