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You must know how to match cotton scoop shoes with the most fashionable methods

Cotton scoop shoes are a type of shoes that women like very much. Cotton scoop shoes are also called Doudou shoes. The furry upper is very cute, and the plush in the shoes is very warm. Such shoes often appear in winter, but how can we match them well?

Doudou shoes can be worn barefoot in cold winter or with thick Plush socks, so they are very popular on all kinds of occasions. A good pair of cotton scoop shoes is a good choice to show your taste. It can exist whether you go to work or go on a street date. Cotton scoop shoes and Doudou shoes are best matched with dresses. A pair of brown pea shoes, plus a light colored one

Dress, dress highlights the female figure, and the bean shoes that expose the ankle also show that women have a pair of long legs. If you want a very professional match, you can match cotton scoop shoes with shirts, suits and jeans. In this way, it seems that Doudou shoes are also a single product with ol flavor. It's best to choose the steady color of black or gray for such workplace Doudou shoes. If you want a casual and frank style, you can wear a pair of loose Street jeans under a casual T-shirt, roll up the hem slightly, and then match it with a pair of cotton scoop shoes, which will also be a very street style.

Cotton scoop shoes with wide uppers can be matched with small leg pants. Such wearing can not only show the furry and lovely feeling of cotton scoop shoes, but also show that the legs are very thin. Doudou shoes can also be matched with bottomed skirts and trousers. The most common thing in winter is to count two fake ones. Skirt pants are the most common of the two fake ones, which saves both collocation and space. Tight skirts and trousers are very popular in winter. Such skirts and trousers, coupled with a pair of Lovely doudou shoes, give people a lovely atmosphere like warm sun in winter. Pointed cotton scoop shoes are also a good choice. Pointed shoes can often lengthen people's leg lines and leave a thin image.