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How does the dazzling lamp make it shine in home decoration

Home decoration is a special brain burning action. Once it is determined, it can be changed at will, so every step must be carefully considered. The lamp is a very important part in the process of home decoration design, which has to bother all designers and owners. How should the lamp be matched? Now let's have a look with Xiaobian!

The decoration of the lamp should consider what kind of lamp should be installed in what place, and the lamp has different light effects, which should also be considered clearly, as well as the style selection of lamps. It is really a particularly troublesome thing, but you should not be afraid of trouble. Now Xiaobian has told some operations, and you can dress up your home very warmly when you learn how to do it!

First of all, what Xiaobian wants to say is the living room. The living room is not only the largest living space in the family living environment, but also the activity center of the family. Its main functions are receiving guests, watching TV, listening to music, family gatherings, etc. The basic requirement for the selection of living room lighting is not only beautiful, but also practical! Generally, the combination of general lighting and local lighting is adopted, that is, a main lamp is equipped with a variety of other auxiliary lamps, such as wall lamp, downlight and spotlight.

Moreover, the choice of restaurant lighting is mostly based on hanging chandeliers. The best position is not dazzling when sitting down. The lighting is required to be bright, soft and natural. Because the choice of restaurant lighting will directly affect our dining mood. In a comfortable and beautiful dining environment, our appetite will become better.

Then there is the bedroom. The bedroom is the most important and warm rest place of a home. The design of its chandelier should comprehensively consider comfort, relaxation, simplicity and other factors, and try to use upward lighting lamps, which can not only make the roof far higher, but also make the light soft and not direct to the eyes.

After Xiaobian's explanation, do you already know how to decorate your home?