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How to match delicious dishes to make them nutritious

People have to do so many things every day, and the most important thing to ensure people's health is to eat. We have to eat three meals a day and get several dishes every day. How can we match them to be the most nutritious and delicious? Now Xiaobian will carefully introduce some key points of making delicious dishes to you. You can study hard and make them for your family!

The first key: dish texture matching

In order to make the dishes taste better and more nutritious, we usually choose soft dishes with soft dishes, such as fish and tofu; Fish and tofu are cooked together. The delicious taste of fish is soaked in tofu and tastes excellent. Crispy with crispy, such as fried shrimps with South mustard; Shrimp has very high nutritional value. Eating some is good for your health. Tough with tough, such as fried squid with garlic stalk; Tender with tender, such as fried lotus chicken slices with cabbage. Fresh meat is matched with fresh and tender vegetables, so that rich meat is matched with fresh and tender vegetables, so that rich protein and fat, rich vitamins and inorganic salts complement each other. We must pay attention to the texture matching of dishes, so the taste will be much better.

The second key: taste matching

Whether a dish is eaten or not, the most important thing is the taste of the dish. What we need to do is to first maintain the original taste of the main ingredients. For example, if the chicken, duck and fish itself taste delicious, we should use some fresh and light ingredients to highlight the characteristics of the main ingredients; Secondly, the main ingredients and ingredients should match the taste, such as beef with potatoes, tomatoes with eggs, etc. The two cooperate with each other to set off the best taste.

The third key: color matching

The color matching mostly adopts white, giving people a fresh and elegant feeling; Different color collocation gives people a sense of colorful and appetizing. Especially if some babies don't like to eat, they can use some color matching to attract their attention. After all, they win by appearance. If the first impression is good, they are happy to eat!