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What do you know about the fashion of wool skirts

Wool skirt played a great role in that winter. Do you know how to match wool skirt correctly? Indeed, it is also in the cold winter. If you want to wear a beautiful skirt, what you have to learn is the matching of wool skirt! For this artifact to keep out the cold, you have to grasp it well! Now let's talk about how to match it carefully!

The first style: white wool skirt + white Leggings

White wool skirt with white leggings, a white special plain and gentle, but if you don't have a pair of beautiful legs, don't wear it like this! Just match it with a naked sweater! The naked sweater looks very warm. With the white sweater, it is refreshing and full of atmosphere!

The second style: dark wool skirt + black leggings

Dark wool skirts are very slimming! With dark leggings, if you feel that there is a feeling of 'confusion', match with one with a large color difference, which will have a more real-time feeling. If you think all dark colors are too dull and monotonous, we can choose a pair of red shoes. In this way, you will become the focus of the whole body and improve the fashion of the whole body!

The third style: wool skirt + cardigan

The purplish red wool skirt, with a slightly longer length, makes people feel elegant. Coupled with a sweater coat in earth color, it looks warm and beautiful. The atmospheric bag greatly increases the fashion index of the whole body, giving people a feeling of nobility and generosity.

After listening to Xiaobian's brief introduction, I believe your wool skirt will have unexpected results.