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Tips for women's wear matching

We all know that the correct matching scheme can greatly improve the temperament of girls and give people a good first impression. In life, there are many people who are worried about matching. You may be worried that when you buy clothes, you don't know how to match them. It's obviously the same clothes, but you feel completely different from others. Today, let's talk about the collocation of women's clothes!

Don't wear more than three colors in your daily clothes. Too many colors will make you look like a Christmas tree. When you carry a small bag, the color of the bag can choose a color that has a great contrast with the color of the clothing. Red or white are common bag colors. The choice of bag color is that the greater the contrast, the better. Of course, for those who are not familiar with wearing, try not to make a big contrast. The same color system is always the safest choice. For mature women, it is mainly noble, but you might as well add a trace of youthful vitality to your mature dress.

The weather turns cool and winter is coming. In the cold winter, girls are wrapped in thick coats. However, it is an eternal truth for girls to pursue fashion and beauty. How can they be beautiful and warm? Here are some winter collocations. Down jacket is a necessary clothing in winter. In the same down jacket, the key is how to build your own style. Tall girls can try long styles, short haired girls can consider simple styles, simple and handsome, while short girls can take a playful and lovely route.

Nowadays, the popular simple and generous woolen coat can give people a sense of competence. It is an essential clothing for women in the office. If you want to be warm and pure and lovely in winter, the light pink cotton coat is the best choice. The color alone gives people a feeling of pink and tender. It will look very fashionable with clean leggings and lovely boots.