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Weight does not lose clothes to get together in autumn, how to match it to show thin

Autumn is coming. With the gusts of autumn wind blowing, the fairies have to start thinking about buying clothes. If they want to wear beautiful clothes in autumn without being fat, it must be right to read Xiaobian's article. Get your friends together and watch. Xiaobian will teach you how to play with autumn.

A waist down suit. Careful fairies will find that as soon as autumn comes, it is like the season for all people to wear suits. Whether passers-by, office workers or friends around them begin to wear suits. So if you want to be thin, a small suit with a short waist is essential. The waist design of a small suit with a waist will make the upper body more compact, and the length of the short section can well set off the proportion of the lower body. Moreover, this waist closing small suit is more feminine, breaking the original sense of seriousness of the suit, thus adding a bit of sexy factors.

Silk dress. It's really necessary to mention the silk dress. No matter what age, the status of the fairy silk dress is very important. Because the silk fabric has a good drape feeling, it is very textured, and can fit the support points on the body well, it will make your shoulders narrower and thinner, and the effect is better. The long silk dress can make you look more slender and lengthen the body proportion visually. With the waist and high waist belt design, you can create the visual effect of legs below the chest every minute.

Tuck in your coat. The long waist closing coat is one of the indispensable items in autumn. The waist closing coat can not only create an elegant ol temperament, but also perfectly show the femininity with its appropriate cutting and splicing, making the whole person look very intellectual and temperament. Of course, if you want to be thin, you might as well add a belt to shape the golden ratio section line.

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