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How to wear a men's Vest correctly

How do you usually wear men's vests? Although the vest is just an ordinary piece, it plays an important role in matching. If you guys can make good use of your vest, it will greatly increase your charm! Nowadays, men are becoming more and more coquettish. They always want to show their muscles to attract the attention of girls. That vest is the best artifact for men to show their figure! Do you know how to match him? Let's explain it one by one!

The first Collocation: striped vest

Stripe is a popular element among many boys. It's also possible to wear various stripe T-shirts on your body and apply stripes to your vest. However, Xiaobian wants to remind you that if you're not a very sexy boy, it's recommended not to wear a horizontal stripe vest in summer, which will make your body more out of shape, On the contrary, too thin boys can wear striped vests. We can wear black shorts to cool off in the hot summer!

Second Collocation: white vest

White vest is a versatile style. It can match not only light colored bottoms, but also dark bottoms. So most people will choose this one. In addition, the white vest can not only be worn outside, but also built inside most of the time. Generally, when boys wear shirts, they wear a white vest inside, which can absorb sweat.

The third Collocation: Sports vest

If the men's vest is not matched as fashion, its basic function is sports. The tight sports vest can show men's sexuality. It is important to match with sportswear, so as to have the overall sportswear style.