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Poor diet may shorten life

Due to the continuous improvement of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for diet and pay more and more attention to the collocation of food. It is precisely because people's material level is getting higher and higher, which makes the food formerly known as luxury goods, such as seafood, no longer rare. Therefore, people's concept of diet has changed from the more expensive the better to the more nutritious the better. It can be said that there has been a qualitative leap in values. So how is food the most nutritious? What food and what food collocation is harmful to the human body and can't be eaten?

First of all, let me introduce some foods that can't be fried together, shredded potatoes and eggs. This should be a familiar prohibited food. If you eat it carelessly, it may cause vomiting and other adverse reactions, but they just can't be fried together. If they are fried separately, they can still be eaten together. In addition, spinach can not be matched with spinach. It is precisely because both of them are foods with high nutritional value that many people mistakenly think that frying them together will have higher nutritional value, but tofu is rich in calcium and spinach is rich in oxalic acid. Although both of them have high nutritional value, oxalic acid will destroy the nutritional value of calcium, so the nutritional value will be reduced.

Having said so many things that can't be matched together, let's see what are suitable for matching together. Fish and tofu are not only delicious, but also can prevent a variety of bone diseases. At the same time, they are rich in calcium and have high nutritional value; Mutton and ginger, both of which are mild foods, can warm the stomach and replenish qi and blood. For those friends with poor stomach, this is the best choice.

Well, you must have a bottom in your mind about the collocation of diet now. There are many foods that can be matched together at will not only as long as they have high nutritional value, but we have to combine some scientific basis. Diet collocation needs skills.