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Short sleeved knit really versatile

How to match short sleeved knitting? As the most practical and versatile short sleeve knitting, it has become the object of the hearts of many girls. Short sleeve knitting is very versatile. It can not only appear casual and lazy, but also fashionable and charming. It shows the sexy and body curve of girls, showing a feminine flavor. Therefore, how to match the beauty and fashion of short sleeve knitting has become the key, so how can we show our advantages?

Next, let me recommend several collocation methods for you! The first is to match according to the color of knitting. Short sleeve knitting is actually a very versatile dress. You can match casual pants or jeans. The most important thing is your color. Light colored knitting must match light colored pants. Second, in daily life, if you like the loose and comfortable type, you can wear a tight short sleeved sweater and a long skirt under it. This is both comfortable and lazy.

Many people have some misunderstandings about short sleeved knitwear. They think that short sleeved knitwear can only take a lazy home style, which is a great injustice to short sleeved knitwear. In fact, short sleeved knitwear can be very cool. As long as you can match it, only you can't think of it, and you can't do it without short sleeved knitwear. If you want to go in a cool style, you can choose to use a black short sleeve knitting with a black leather pants, which can completely subvert the sense of home of short sleeve knitting.

Finally, Xiaobian will give you a few thunder on the collocation of short sleeve knitting. If you are a girl with a large skeleton, you'd better stay away from short sleeved knitting. Unless you are particularly thin, you will look big and round. There is a sense of vision of sun erniang. In addition, when choosing short sleeve knitting, don't choose those with more colors. Try to choose solid color short sleeve knitting. If you don't like elegant style, you can choose solid color short sleeve knitting with brighter color.