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Teach you how to play with your sweater in autumn

Autumn is coming again. Is there no clothes to wear the biggest trouble of changing seasons? As one of the most popular fashion items, the sweater can easily reflect the sense of fashion whether it is worn alone or matched with other items. Does it bother you how to match it? Don't worry, Xiaobian will teach you how to match your sweater.

Black sweater + Leggings + small white shoes

Cool black sweaters are simple and atmospheric. This year's very popular oversize style adds a little more laziness, and loose sweaters can make young ladies and sisters look petite. Use the classic principle of wide at the top and narrow at the bottom to show thin, and match with leggings to make your legs look more slender and straight. If you think that the black dress of black sweater + Leggings will be slightly monotonous, you can use snacks in the matching of shoes. The addition of small white shoes will bring a bit of fresh taste, free and fashionable.

Pink sweater + white pleated skirt + sneakers

No matter what season or shape, sneakers can handle it. Of course, the premise is that the color of your sneakers can be versatile, so Xiaobian suggests that you can mainly buy black and white, gray or other light colors. Tender pink is popular in recent years, because it is neither dull nor as flashy as other bright colors. It is fresh and sweet with white pleated skirt and sports shoes of the same color system. In addition, the pleated skirt with high waist will give people the feeling that the waist is full of legs. Small girls can try it.

Medium length sweater + Super shorts or skirt + white shoes

If you have natural long legs, you might as well try the classic 'lower body missing' method. " There are many similar outfits in Yang Mi's airport show. Medium and long sweaters in various colors with shorts or skirts are sexy and lazy. White ball shoes also make the shape more fresh and fashionable. If you want to keep warm, you can add a pair of white stockings, or wear a pair of high-heeled knee boots, which is also very cool