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Shorts - all year round

I believe that shorts are basically made by one person, but how to look good is not something everyone can do, so it's very important to wear it well. After matching well, the long legs show up, and naturally the overall temperament goes up.

Shorts can be worn all year round, you know? Today, I'd like to introduce you how to wear the shorts with big legs!

First stop: spring and Autumn

The reason why the two seasons are put together is that the temperatures of the two seasons are almost the same, so they are roughly the same. At this time, the shorts can be matched with a simple sweater or sweater, which is very relaxed and casual. But the spring and autumn season is cooler, so we should keep warm. When you wear shorts on the lower part of the body, you can match silk stockings, and shoes can match boots on the upper part of the body. The match of this set is very simple and energetic, and the boots will be very handsome, so it's a good choice.

Second stop: Summer

It's hot in summer, and shorts are designed for it. Then it has a variety of collocations. Simple T-shirt with denim shorts, very young. Tight sleeveless knitwear can be paired with plaid shorts, very sexy trend. Or a shirt with versatile black shorts, full of academic style. Then these lower body shoes can be put on small white shoes, or strapped sandals, or high heels.

Third stop: Winter

Winter's shorts have become leggings, but their status has not been lowered at all! You can choose black shorts for your lower body and knee high boots to keep you warm and show your long legs incisively and vividly. It can be matched with a undershirt. You can wear an overcoat or a cotton padded suit on the outside. You can choose the overcoat and the length of the cotton padded suit according to your height.

Have you learned how to match shorts all year round? After the introduction, you can be ready to show your long legs.