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A cowboy coat on a rotten street is fashionable

Spring, every girl's wardrobe will have a good-looking and durable cowboy coat. Denim, which shows freedom and individuality, has the most extensive fans. It's free and easy to wear whatever you like, and it's young and leisure vitality. Cowboy coat is versatile and changeable, which creates unlimited possibilities in dressing and modeling. Cowboys only hope that this blue trend will be more fierce in spring. The basic denim jacket has a long-lasting classic, it is not only versatile, but also looks clean, denim texture is also reflected more strongly. Next, Xiaobian will bring you several different jeans to wear.

We might as well match the first one with a small square towel, which will make you feel very modern. Denim itself brings a kind of rough crazy feeling, a casual temperament short denim coat with a black tight dress, gives people the feeling is very conservative. However, if we skillfully match with the most popular small square towel, the whole set of dress will be instantly bright, very modern.

The second one we can wear with a white open navel T-shirt for a rock 'n' roll look. When it comes to rock fans, you will definitely associate with cowboys, exploding heads and even red lips. Indeed, jeans are the perfect robe in every rock star's heart. In daily life, we can control it as well. A light color denim jacket, with a white T-shirt on the inside and light color skinny jeans on the bottom, is very wild and sexy. Xiao Bian reminds you that you will be amazed by red lips and curly hair!

The third kind matches on a long skirt, lets you second become elegant. Many people say that wearing jeans jacket is too neutral. It's just warm and has no aesthetic feeling. wrong! Autumn is the season for long skirts, especially the elegant long skirts with full Chinese feeling. They are simple and neat, and give people a very comfortable and eye-catching feeling. Matching with denim coat, the perfect figure is outlined, generous and good-looking, which is very worthy of recommendation.

The fourth style takes a neutral and handsome style, matching with drop jeans. Denim coat itself is very neutral and handsome, if it is not matched well, it will be very rustic. At this time, if we match with a pair of drop type jeans, plus a pair of sports shoes, the neutral handsome style will be born from inside. With red lips, you will be more fashionable and charming.