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Early autumn shirt style

Shirt matching

The coming of autumn means that there are more and more standard shirts. How to match them in a variety of styles. Today, Xiaobian shares a lot of shirt collocations with friends who love beauty.

Lady temperament

Pure white shirt with a red lace skirt, the overall color is light color, and red and white collocation often make people feel bright in front of their eyes; Personally, I think such a set is full of Lady flavor and femininity, with a pair of White Earrings and a pair of white lace up high-heeled shoes, it is a goddess.

Personality dark wind

It should be rare to see a shirt with cross bandage on the chest and hat on the back. This kind of shirt matches with a retro floral skirt. Although it is a floral skirt, the irregular design of the hem makes it look less rigid, which makes you jump out of the fresh impression of floral pieces and show your full personality; In a word, girls who don't like to be restrained might as well try to dress like this.

Layered mix and match

The medium length pure color shirt with a high waist plaid skirt is both intelligent and elegant; And the retro plaid skirt is fashionable and chic.

Workplace atmosphere

In the workplace, clothes represent your work attitude. Exquisite clothes and appropriate matching will show your personal charm. Lotus color silk shirt with temperament bag hip fishtail skirt, two warm color collocation is especially suitable for early autumn, and low-key color appears more style, in the workplace will not be too publicity.

Do many people think that how to dress still needs to be taught? It's OK to dress comfortably, but it's not. Collocation of simple, generous is essential, but to learn to match clothes according to their body proportion, collocation of good-looking, fashion is a bit difficult. For example, how to wear will show legs long, waist thin, these need to be carefully studied. I hope Xiao Bian's sharing today can help you.